The ObamaCare Casualty List, So Far (UPDATED)

Obama’s socialist train wreck hasn’t even kicked in full force and already it’s leaving a pile of bodies in its wake.

Businesses cut full time workers to meet ObamaCare regulations

Bowie State, one of the oldest black colleges in the U.S., drops student plans because of ObamaCare

Cancer patient: I am one of ObamaCare’s losers

Consumers backlash: anger over premium hikes, dropped insurance coverage

Companies exit Nebraska’s health insurance market.

Millions of Americans losing their health plans because of ObamaCare.

More ObamaCare sticker shock.

Thousands of doctors fired by United Health Care.

Thousands of Americans receive cancellation notices from their health insurance companies.

College grad with medical conditions writes: ‘ObamaCare has raped my future’. (Wanna bet she’s an Obama voter? Reality sucks.)

Fast food restaurant CEO: ‘ObamaCare is hurting job creation’.

Hospitals across the country cut thousands of jobs.

Man with leukemia dropped from health insurance because of ObamaCare

Just a reminder: Health insurers make out like bandits under ObamaCare (

Tom Rooney Rips Obama Health Care Law After 300,000 Lose Florida Blue Coverage (

ObamaCare is a Trojan Horse for Socialized Medicine (

Top Five ObamaCare Catastrophes the Media Refuse to Cover (

Expect much, much more.

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