The ObamaCare Sales Pitch Circus Continues

It’s pathetic how this disaster is still being pushed. You can’t make up this shit.

‘Hey bro, don’t spend your beer money on ObamaCare. We got ya covered’:

obamacare beer money

Breeding machines like Nadya Suleman (aka the Octomom), Angel Adams (the welfare leech with 15 kids), and Desmond Hatchett, the sperm donor who has 30 children by 11 different “baby mamas”,  will love this:

There’s much more of this retarded crap at a website run by LibProgs, called Got Insurance?

ObamaCare enrollees become the stuff of urban legend.

So much for enthusiasm: People would rather pay fines than enroll in ObamaCare.

Good little tool: Sebelius claims Obama didn’t know about site failures.

Spokeskid Jay Carney ducks and runs from press questions.

Jay Carney: ‘I’m not a computer geek’.

Obama gets Baltimore Ravens to pitch ObamaCare, on taxpayer’s dime. Is that even legal?

In a crass example of desperation, Obama is using the site failure as an opportunity to elicit cash from supporters.

The Obama regime has asked Blue Cross/Blue Shield not to reveal the dismal number of people who have signed up for the ObamaCare exchange.

Why does Sebelius still have a job?

Two’s company at ObamaCare event in South Carolina.

The broken ObamaCare sites have cost taxpayers over $500 million.

When all else fails, resurrect the corpse of a civil rights leader.

In case you don’t know by now, there’s nothing ‘affordable’ about ObamaCare.

Hopefully, ObamaCare will collapse under the weight of its own fatuous ideas.

4 thoughts on “The ObamaCare Sales Pitch Circus Continues”

  1. Does anyone question the motives of this administration anymore? Why do they need these stupid ads when it supposedly already law? Also, I wonder where the hundreds of millions of dollars went that were supposed to be put into the obamacare website? To me it surely didn’t go into the design so I’d like to know where it went because these little stunts by this administration are beginning to make me believe obamacare was in fact designed to fail.

    1. dreamoutloud16,
      You can bet the money goes into the Obama regime’s coffers to push whatever piece of his agenda is faltering at the time. The entire catastrophe could have been avoided had he not been foisted into office by a fawning media, liberal elites, and an entitlement culture that expects hand outs. Now all of us are stuck with the consequences of these assclowns’ voting habits.

      SFC MAC

      1. The entitlement culture is what is most disturbing to me. Over half of our country relies on some form of welfare now while 90 million are jobless and worse, they arent even looking for jobs anymore. The media is apart of this entitlement culture they look at obama as if he is god and REFUSE to ask any true questions against him and when Obama or his little minion Carney are actually called out and questioned, the arrogance and complete ignorance on behalf of the administration shines thru. Now look at him, pushing amnesty and putting aside his signature achievement Obamacare and I wonder why that is.

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