THE ONE’s New War “Strategy”

Oh yeah, the country’s in real good  hands.

During Obama’s latest media blitz, he outlined his grand plans to rectify the “inherited failed policies”.

Obama made clear during five wide-ranging television interviews Sunday that he had firmly turned the page on the George W. Bush administration’s foreign policy, which he described as unfocused and “adrift” in Afghanistan as well as outdated in its approach to a possible Iranian missile threat.

Using some of his strongest language to date, Obama said he inherited failing American policies in Afghanistan and on missile defense, and set about in both cases to initiate a fresh approach.

“When I came in, Afghanistan was adrift because we frankly hadn’t focused on it,” Obama told Bob Schieffer, host of CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “My job is to make sure that we get a strategy that focuses on my core goal, which is to dismantle, defeat, destroy al Qaeda and its allies that killed Americans and are still plotting to kill Americans.”

That’s pure, unmitigated bullshit on stilts. He inherited a winning hand in both Iraq and Afghanistan; one that he fully intends to squander.
He has no “strategy” to “dismantle, defeat, and destroy al Qaeda and its allies”, and he even said so himself:

Obama has put securing Afghanistan near the top of his foreign policy agenda, but “victory” in the war-torn country isn’t necessarily the United States’ goal, he said Thursday in a TV interview.

Given the fact that “victory isn’t necessarily the goal”, don’t expect al Qaeda to be defeated during this pathetic assclown’s term.

In another repudiation of the Bush years, Obama defended the Justice Department’s decision to investigate harsh tactics used by CIA agents when questioning terrorism suspects, saying, “Nobody’s above the law.”

When asked about a letter that seven former CIA directors sent Obama last week that called on him to end the probe, the president said he would not.

“I respect all seven of them. I have absolute respect and have reliance upon a robust CIA,” …Obama said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I’ve also said nobody’s above the law. I don’t want to start getting into the business of squelching investigations.”

Nobody’s above the law?  He apparently is, along with ACORN, his 2008 campaign staff, and the Black Panthers.  Neither does he want to ‘get into the business’ of protecting this country from another attack.  The persecution of the CIA and successful interrogation methods that help capture and kill Islamic terrorists and prevent attacks, is a cynical attempt to project his animosity toward George W. Bush and the policies that kept this country safe post 9/11.
His Carter-like “negotiate without preconditions” approach, is a sickening failure of epic proportions. Amahdinejad and his mullah supervisors, and Kim Jong Il, are gleefuly carrying on with their development of nuclear weapons, while Obama tells the Pentagon to slash ours. (

This socialist scatterbrain and his ate-up ‘advisors’ are assassinating the United States of America from within. They couldn’t care less about trading our security for “Hopey Changeytude’s” America image make-over.

Take a good look at all the damage he’s done in the last 240 days. 

Feel safer?

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