The Radical Culprits Behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Unions, communists, nazis, anarchists, ad companies that exploit leftwing malcontents. A collective of useful idiots and their facilitators.

Via Fast Company

The protest as it stands today emerged from a heady mix of Anonymous‘ hacker libertarianism, Adbusters‘ media-savvy culture of art student resistance, and the indigenous post-1960s American far-left which was raised on a steady diet of Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass, and anarchist infoshops.

Key players in the Occupy Wall Street Movement

1// Adbusters
Canada’s Adbusters collective has made anti-consumerism hip through a glossy magazine and a wealth of stylish web materials; the organization co-issued the original Occupy Wall Street call to arms.

2// Anonymous
The loosely organized Anonymous collective, who co-issued Occupy Wall Street’s original call to arms, are “legion” and have risen from their 4chan roots to become one of the internet’s most impressive activist organizations.

3// Jed Brandt
Brandt, a veteran communist-leaning journalist from New York, spearheaded the Occupy Wall Street Journal‘s $50,000 fundraising drive on Kickstarter.

4// Patrick Bruner
Occupy Wall Street’s pointman for media has become a regular presence in the mainstream media.

5// Day of Rage
Aiming to “reclaim democracy,” the Day of Rage collective were one of the co-organizers of Occupy Wall Street.

6// DC 37
New York’s largest municipal employees union has thrown its weight behind Occupy Wall Street, guaranteeing massive local turnout of day-tripping city employees to protests.

7// David Graeber
Graeber, a prominent anthropologist and anarchist activist, played a key part in helping formulate the tactics that made Occupy Wall Street so successful.

8// Richard Ianucci
Ianucci, the president of the powerful New York State United Teachers union, was responsible for much of the turnout to Wednesday’s megamarch.

9// New York City General Assembly
The actual “leaders” of Occupy Wall Street, the General Assembly are a collective who make the decisions that make the large protest flow.

At least one name on the list is familiar. Jed Brandt is a Marxist demagogue who declared back in 2009, that he was “tired of being told to stuff his anger back in his pants”.


A more comprehensive list at The Blaze.

They are not shy about telling everyone what they want to do. It’s all there. If there’s any doubt, just look at the groups, organizations, individuals, philosophy, and actions of this “movement”. It’s not grassroots but it is organized and it’s been in the works for awhile.  There’s nothing spontaneous or patriotic about this underbelly of nihilist shit.

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