The Transportation Stupidity Agency Strikes Again

Not long after the inception of the TSA, an Israeli security expert stated: “We have a system for detecting terrorists. You have a system for annoying people.”

Case in point:

Smile, you’re on naked camera.

A new revelation could make the angry debate about the use of full-body scanners at airports even angrier: Some government agencies have improperly stored images from those scanners — and those pictures have been made public.

Little old ladies in wheelchairs sure are dangerous:

My 85-year-old mother who rides an airport wheelchair through security, is patted down 100 percent of the time by TSA. She is an American of Swedish descent with the last name of Olson.

She had decided about a year ago due to the invasion of her body by TSA workers, she would no longer fly.

But in October her sister died, so by emergency we flew to Salt Lake City. I could not believe the pat-down they gave my poor mom in her wheel chair. I witnessed molestation on my mom. I was horrified to see the agent lift each breast rub and it all around, feeling, probing each 85-year-old breast. Then the TSA person probed my mom’s hands, feet, went down her bare back, up both legs. Did she check my mom’s groin? I couldn’t see from where I stood BUT she did feel both breasts in depth – as other passengers walked past and as I watched.

We will never fly again.

I will never fly and risk getting a body scan or being targeted like John Tyner is being targeted. His example has led me to say no more flying.

Robin Hvidston, Upland, Ca.

Here’s something that will make you shudder:

The new head of the Transportation Security Administration say he’s giving 10,000 of the agency’s employees access to secret intelligence information to better enable them to detect threats and stop terrorists.

John Pistole (PIH’-stohl) told an aviation luncheon that he views TSA as a counterterrorism agency. He said his goal is to get the latest intelligence to all employees who have what he called an “action need” to “inform their judgment and decision-making.”

Pistole is a former deputy FBI director who was confirmed by the Senate as TSA administrator in June. He said he begins each day with an intelligence briefing.

Just think, an agency with the collective IQ of about 70, has endowed 10,000 of these screeners with authoritarian power trips, security clearances. I guarangoddamntee you that the vetting/background investigations won’t be a fraction of the probe given to the average passenger.

I can hardly wait until CAIR hears about this:

TSA chief John Pistole told the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday that passengers who refuse to go through a full-body scanner machine and reject a pat-down won’t be allowed to board, even if they turned down the in-depth screening for religious reasons.

Yeah, right. How likely is it that a TSA agent actually profiles a likely terrorist; a muslim male from the Middle East or a Burqua’d muslim female, in the first place? 

Nah, they’d rather scrutinize a  white, 6’1”, 200 lb, light brown-haired, 31-year-old American from Oceanside CA, because he might be a threat.

And don’t think that the TSA Kommissars will take his refusal lying down:

TSA to investigate body scan resister

The Transportation Security Administration has opened an investigation targeting John Tyner, the Oceanside man who left Lindbergh Field under duress on Saturday morning after refusing to undertake a full body scan.

Michael J. Aguilar, chief of the TSA office in San Diego, called a news conference at the airport Monday afternoon to announce the probe. He said the investigation could lead to prosecution and civil penalties of up to $11,000.

From Mondo Frazier at Death by 1000 Papercuts:

Here’s one modest proposal that will rapidly clear up the situation.



I’m sure that after a week of this new policy, there will suddenly be discovered an entirely new respect for “common sense solutions.”

Paraphrasing Glenn Reynolds, virtual strip searches and groping kids–like paying taxes and obeying laws–are for the little people.

When the elite have to live with the consequences of their inanity, the inanity comes to a screeching halt.

As evidenced by every other edict imposed by the elite, they will never be subjected to their own inanity.

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