The Weekly Standard Shuts Down

When a Trump-hating ‘conservative’ magazine denigrates and insults their base, many of whom happen to be Trump supporters, you will lose them.

From Breitbart:

The Weekly Standard, a conservative opinion magazine turned Never-Trump publication, will shut down, according to a Friday announcement from the publisher’s owner, Clarity Media Group.
Earlier Friday, Weekly Standard editor-in-chief Stephen Hayes sat down with MediaDC chairman Ryan McKibben to discuss the magazine’s fate. Hayes sent a letter to employees notifying them of this morning’s meeting with McKibben, saying he was “not sure what today will bring”

“This is a volatile time in American journalism and politics,” Hayes’ letter to staffers read. “Many media outlets have responded to the challenges of the moment by prioritizing affirmation over information, giving into the pull of polarization and the lure of clickbait.”

Via WaPo:

Early coverage of Weekly Standard’s end explored the possibility that its end is related to its stance on Trump. Rimar responded to such talk this way: “This was a business decision. Any attempt to politicize it ignores the realities about
The Weekly Standard’s unresolved financial struggles that began well before the current administration took office.” But subscriptions have gone down in recent years, including a 10 percent drop between 2016 and 2017.

According to a magazine insider, the cancellations started raining down in the spring of 2016, as Trump was closing in on the Republican nomination. “There was probably the sense that our readership, the Weekly Standard readership, was more in line with the editors, but it turned out to be more mainstream Republicans watching Fox,” says the insider.

It wasn’t just business decisions that caused it to fold, it was Bill Kristol’s  insufferable bullshit. Whatever common conservative sense he had was been replaced by shrill leftwing absurdity. His Never Trump neurosis literally transformed him from an articulate, insightful, patriotic conservative into a boorish, squawking sentient tool for the Left.


What was once a great outlet for conservative thought, analysis, and opinion, has been flushed by the likes of Bill Kristol.

What a shame.



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