UPDATED: The Wonderful Religion of Islam: Taliban Shoot 14 Year Old Girl For Promoting Education for Women

From Sky News.

A Pakistani teenager who was shot by the Taliban for campaigning for girls to be allowed to go to school has been sent to the UK for medical treatment.

An air ambulance has been provided by the United Arab Emirates to transport 14-year-old Malala Yusufzai. She is travelling from Islamabad with her parents and medical staff, after being shot in the head and neck.

A Pakistani military spokesman said Malala, whose shooting has drawn condemnation abroad and at home, would require prolonged care to fully recover physically and psychologically.

“The panel of doctors recommended that Malala be shifted abroad to a UK centre which has the capability to provide integrated care to children who have sustained severe injury.”

Where the hell is the National Organization for Women?

From Breitbart.

There is a reason why the America has historically not negotiated with terrorists, Malala’s story is why. On Tuesday a team of Taliban fighters boarded a school bus in the Swat valley of northern Pakistan. Their target was 14-year old school girl named Malala, and when they found her they shot her twice, once in the head and then again in the neck. She is now in a hospital fighting for her life, though doctors are hopeful that she will pull through. What made this young girl an enemy of the Taliban and target for execution? She was an outspoken advocate for girl’s education in Pakistan.
Malala and her plight first began to gain recognition in 2009 when the BBC published her diary asblog under the pen name “Gul Makai.” Referring to it in her diary she says, “I also like the name because my real name means ‘grief-stricken.’ My father said that some days ago someone brought the printout of this diary saying how wonderful it was. My father said that he smiled but could not even say that it was written by his daughter.” It is a frank account of a young girl’s struggle live up to her potential and worth a read.

Ultimately her identity came out, putting her in the Taliban’s crosshairs. Later in 2009 she was the subject of a short documentary by Adam Ellick which chronicles the struggle of Malala and girls like her to get an education  in Taliban held territory. Emotional and mesmerizing, it outlines the stakes in the war with militant Islam starkly and can be viewed here.

In 2011 she was runner up for the International Children’s Peace Prize, the first Pakistani girl ever nominated for the award. And in December of 2011 the Pakistani Prime Minister awarded her the first Pakistan Peace Prize for someone under the age of 18; it has subsequently been named the National Malala Peace Prize.

……The Taliban have issued a statement saying, “We are dead against coeducation and secular education, Malala was targeted because of her pioneer role in preaching secularism. … And whom so ever will (do the same) in the future will again be targeted by the (Pakistani Taliban)”. They also added that should she survive they will try to kill her again.

The Obama administration has sought to negotiate a treaty with the Taliban to facilitate a planned withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called the negotiations distasteful but the best way to end the prolonged war. These talks have broken down but this incident should act as a reminder that we face a determined enemy with whom we share no goals or values.

There will be no outrage from the White House or the military hierarchy because they’re too preoccupied with groveling and apologizing for burning the very koran that preaches misogyny.

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9 thoughts on “UPDATED: The Wonderful Religion of Islam: Taliban Shoot 14 Year Old Girl For Promoting Education for Women”

  1. Islamic Jihad massacres, as hate crimes en-masse

    Every Islamic terror act, anywhere, is a clear cut case of intolerance. It is always against the “other.”

    True, by Islamic Jihad any infidel targets are fair-game. It’s just that some groups are easier targets than others, as “justification” are aided by propaganda, often backed by some radical liberals in the West. Such are many Muslim aggressors posing as “victims.” For instance, those Arab immigrants’ grandchildren, invaders in Jews’ Israel/Palestine who go by the title “Palestinians,” while some in the West really buy the notion that these mass-murderers (who hide behind civilians, to bring about casualties, to be used as trophies) are just about “Palestine-Arab-State,” ignoring or unaware of their real ethnic cleansing aims from the entire Holy Land.

    Ethno-religious hatred classics:

    Arab supremacy –derived from Koran, Koranic spirit and themes– especially resulting in enslaving Africans and Asians in the Arab world (often having the “inferior” non-Arabs as ‘sex-slaves’ as well) and the genocide in the Sudan (of already 3.5 million, since the 1950s) by a classic combination of Arab racism and Islamic Jihad. The same diabolical combination that “founded” (in the 1920s) the Arab Vs Israel “conflict,” by infamous Mufti who collaborated with the ultimate ‘racists’ – the WW2 Hitler/Nazis. Ever since, the ‘holy war’ against the Jews in the land has always been under the dual slogan of Allah Akbar and Itbach al-Yahud (AKA genocide). Leaving also behind, an inspired legacy of decades (and current) of ugly Nazi style cartoons in the hateful Arab press.

    The Armenian Genocide 1915-23, was both: Turkish ethnic supremacy and an overall holy war against Christians. The same goes to Turkish anti-Greek and anti-Assyrian genocide. Totaling a combined 2.7 million Christian victims.

    Ethno-Religious Moro-Muslims VS Philippines’ natives.

    Ethno-Religious Malay-Muslims VS Thai natives.

    Ethno-Religious Islamic-Hausa-Fulani VS Igbo Christians in Biafra Nigeria – 1960s-70s (3 million dead).
    Current (2011-13) Boko Haram Islamic mass-murder campaign in that country, deepens the Ethno-Religious divide.

    Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Black-Muslim supremacy’s anti-White racism is deeply woven with radical Islamic vision. So were its linked Zebra murders in the 1970s and the Beltway snipers shootings in 2002.

    Ethno-Religious “pure-Muslim” Pakistani VS Bangladeshi (regarded as the impure) genocide – 1971 (3 million dead).

    Ethno-Religious “Palestinian” and Lebanese Muslims VS Christian Natives Maronites in Lebanon. 1970s-2000.

    Iran-Iraq war – 1980s (a million victims – at least). Racism (Arab supremacy vs Aryan-Iranians) and “we are the true Muslims” motivation, on both sides.

    Pakistani Sunnis and Shiites VS Ethno-Religious Ahmadis, resulting in mass violence. So is rampant anti-Ahmadi bigotry among “Palestinian” Arabs.

    Ethno-Religious Muslim-Uighur VS Han native Chinese. Terror attacks (not just against government but against ordinary Chinese too) recorded.

    Ethno-Religious Indonesian Muslims VS Chinese (1999 mass rape and murder) and VS native Catholics in E. Timor (200,000 victims).

    One of the ardent supporters and admirers of Osama bin Laden, who celebrated 9/11 massacre, the pan-Arab, pan-Islamic AEL (Arab European League) founded by Arab Lebanese, former Hezbollah D. A. Jahjah, has been accused of inciting racism and violence in Belgium.

    Ever since the bloody ‘Islamic theme of al-Aqsa’ intifada erupted (2000), Jews in Europe have been even an easier target to Islamic anti-Semitism, physical attacks and attempted ethnic cleansing. Such as by Arab/African Muslims in France; by Turkish/Iranian Muslims in Germany; by Arab-Muslims in the Benelux, Sweden and Norway. The kidnappers and torturers to death of Ilan Halimi to the sound of reciting the Koran (Paris, 2006) –for instance– were inspired by Hamas literature.
    The (2012) Toulouse school massacre by Mohamed Merah of the Islamic hate group ‘Forsane Alizza,’ (NYT reported Jan/23/12, that its site was laced with hate posting, it typically claimed to be “fighting Islamophobia,” and the DailyTelegraph reported Mar/23/12, that in Jan/12, “Forsane Alizza was banned in France for inciting racial hatred,”) made sure to mention those “Palestinians.”
    Likewise, Arabs in Latin America, have been targeting Jews.

    The Pakistani Jihadi Lashkar-e-Taiba (“Army of the Pure”) in Mumbai (2008), aided by the ISI (Pakistan Spy Agency) specifically targeted Whites, and even more so the Jews.

    Ethno-Religious Arab-Muslims VS native Coptic-Christians in Egypt, hate crimes still going on…

    Ethno-Religious (mostly separated by origin/ethnicity as well) Shiite VS Sunnis, and vice versa in Iraq (Zarqawi argued that ‘Shia were more dangerous than the “Zionists and Crusaders,”‘ Egyptian Cleric said -Mar/09- “Shiites are worse than Jews,”) and in Pakistan.
    Sunni Vs Alawites, Syria (al-Qaeda cleric’s Fatwa -Jul/12- calls Alawites, “greater infidels than the Christians and Jews”).
    Bloodshed going on, full force.
    A study about 2011 worldwide terror attacks -for example- found 70% of the (over 12,000) killings were perpetrated by Sunni Muslims. That includes: al-Qaeda, Taliban, and others.

    Last point but not least: most “conflicts” and bloodshed around the globe today ARE correlated to Islamism.

  2. Irony of the world we live in.

    Recent note-worthy recipients of the Nobel Prize for Peace:

    2012: European Union
    2009: Barack Hussein Obama

    This year’s recipient for a bullet to the head from a shit-sucking Muslim

    2012: Malala

    Oh, and thank you K. Vijayan for standing up for all those filthy tyrants out there everywhere. In Hindu, is it the nature of Vishnu that people should suffer in ignorance? Or are you Muslim and see Mohammed commanding you to send armed Muslim men onto a school bus and gun down defenseless 14 year old girls with AK47s.

    Please, bestow your inspiring words upon us so that we can learn what religion it is that you believe in that makes sense of all of this.

  3. K. Vijayan,

    First, my compliments on a wonderful liberal posting. No sources to back up your claims, same old tired liberal line about white people being the blame for everything.

    While you are soaking your head in the Ganges, allow me to help make sure you get the full effect by holding your head under for a good thirty of forty minutes.

    First off, I am a Native. When I last checked in the mirror my skin had a brown complexion, not RED. But just like liberals, you have to classify everyone and proceed to make claims based on race and ethnic background, all the while proclaiming you are not racist. I suppose you think I wear a loin cloth, ride a horse bare back all day, and hunt for my food using a bow and arrow.

    I realize to the butchers and tyrants in the rest of the world, public knowledge of their acts is very disconcerting to them. There are very few places left on this planet where anything and everything can be brought to light. This country is one of those few places left where news of the acts of these butchers cannot be hidden. Why are you complaining here? Is there a favorite tyrant or butcher you know that you want to be kept safe?

    Or is it the nature of Islam coming out into the light of day that scares you?

    Why should I be concerned? Because more and more Muslims are making their way onto my lands. They bring with them Sharia Law. A law, where I must either believe in Islam or face death or harsh taxes. A law where my wife and my daughters must subjugate themselves to other men. A law where I must proclaim a pedophile that slaughtered many people and raped young girls, is some sort of prophet. Mohammed is NO prophet. He was a coward in his early days in Mecca and once achieving political power in Medina became an evil butchering tyrant, his authority being unchecked. Those who did not believe in him, died by his sword. True signs of an egotistical sociopath.

    I understand abrogation and how it applies to the Quran and earlier revelations of New and Old Testaments, Instead of the message of peace provided in the New Testament, Mohammed eventually set all of that aside to conquer people through horrific violence.

    So yes, what goes on with Islam around the world concerns me a great deal. Especially, when their goal is to subjugate the world, violently if necessary. Mohammed had no prophet or deity status as far as I am concerned. And if you are Hindu then I am very surprised that you would rise up to defend this religion, unless, you are a Muslim. Well with a name like Vijayan, you probably think yourself to be above everyone else anyway.


  4. America has a history of totally eliminating the Red Natives and importing and enslaving Africans. So why are you descendants of Good Shepherds being buggered around IN the USA by these cutpricks? Instead of wailing about Malala, do something about the shit in your kitchen. Like at least ban all this “Halalaala” butchery, child circumcision and going bums-up in public places and Offices, and yelling obscenities from Minarets five times a day.

    1. K. Vijayan,

      You have a serious case of selective amnesia. Last I checked, slavery was outlawed in America in 1862. Africa not only helped sell its own people into slavery, but THEY STILL DO IT. And oh by the way, clean the shit out of your own fucking Indian kitchen before you slam the United States.

      Slave labor and human trafficking are prevalent throughout Indonesia, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Pakistan, and your own cesspool of India.
      Child slavery in your country is a shameful reminder that you have not bothered to enter the modern age.

      The truth about history is a bit more complicated than the “whitey is responsible for all the world’s problems” crap spewed by the Left.
      There isn’t one ethnic group on this earth who hasn’t been kicked around or done its own kicking.
      If anyone thinks the “native American Indians” were all about “peace, love, and Kumbaya” until the Europeans showed up, they’re just plain stupid. The tribes that occupied this continent, as well as in Central and South America, were some of the most blood thirsty cutthroats on the planet. The Aztecs ripped the beating hearts out of, on average, 10 to 20 thousand people a year, because their “gods” demanded large amounts of blood and sacrifice. The Mayans and Incas practiced the same level of bloodshed. If you sprayed their temples with Luminol, they’d glow in the dark for miles.

      American Indians fought, slaughtered, and conquered each other for eons. Tribes completely wiped out other tribes in disputes over territory and committed widespread atrocities against each other.
      READ: http://www.answers.com/topic/native-american-wars-warfare-in-native-american-societies

      Modern American Indians now have their own lands, laws and communities. There are Indian, black, and female Congressmen, Senators, Mayors, business owners, judges, and lawyers in our Democratic Republic. American Women won the right to vote in 1920, and under law, have equal rights. They’re a hell of a lot better off here than they would be under your wonderful caste system or Islam.

      Islamic oppression subjects women to the brutality of stonings, “honor killings”, body bags (aka burquas) and relegates them to little more than chattel. Muzzies are stuck in a 7th Century screed.

      I’m Irish-Scots-German-Cherokee. I’m not ashamed of any part of my heritage. I will never apologize for my ancestry.

      I can see by your comment that heinous acts in the name of Islam go right over your pointy head. Ignorance is part and parcel to denial.

      As for the war on Islamofascism: We ‘buggered’ plenty of muzzie cutpricks to death in the Middle East. In view of their violent rampages, haven’t gone far enough.

      Now go soak your head in the Ganges.

      SFC MAC

        1. K. Vijayan,

          Especially since the Ganges is polluted with filth from feces, dead people, and dead animals.

          AMEN to the whole thing, bud.

          SFC MAC

          1. And a half-negro-muslim , half-whitey, Obama may be replaced by your very Enlightened Mormon too.
            No use telling boneheads not to confuse Propaganda with Basic Truths. We have caste – and that includes millions of Indian Christians and Indian Muslims. That is a part of our life, and it is no big deal.
            And you have your Senators employing under-age wetbacks. And we could also conclude that your Good Christian Padiris and Nuns (all four hundred odd brands of them) are all child-molestors. Propaganda or truth?
            And you do sound like the typical bonehead who tells us that you are fighting a War for Democracy, Freedoms, Human Rights and all the rest of it.
            So tell me why buggers who sound off about caste, child-labour, cannot let out a whimper about child circumcision – and among California Christians too. Or Halala Big Macs. Religious Freedom or selective Freedoms?

          2. K. Vijayan,
            I’ll take a conservative Republican Mormon over a half-negro, half white Marxist Dhimmi any fucking day of the week. Caste systems are so 1800s. You should have gotten into the 21st Century by now. The caste stratification has resulted in thousands of acts of violence:

            No big deal?

            As for the illegal wetbacks, Senators who get caught hiring them usually end up getting in trouble with the public. It’s against the law; specifically U.S. Code 8, sections 1324 and 1325.

            There’s been a crackdown of the hiring of illegals and ironically, the Obama economy is so bad, they’re actually flooding back across the border.

            Padres seem to have something in common with muzzie males:

            The study, obtained by Fox News, found that Pashtun men commonly have sex with other men, admire other men physically, have sexual relationships with boys and shun women both socially and sexually — yet they completely reject the label of “homosexual.” The research was conducted as part of a longstanding effort to better understand Afghan culture and improve Western interaction with the local people.

            Not propaganda; the truth.

            You come across as a brain-dead leftie effete who really believes all that Bolshevik shit that Lenin sold to the poor dumb masses.

            Child circumcision? You mean the act of removing the foreskin from the penis of a male child? That has you in a snit??? This should really get your blood boiling, Hadji: Muzzies have a habit of practicing the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, i.e. the clitoris.


            It’s meant as a way to dull and suppress her ‘sinful’ sexual desires. That’s a big difference from a little foreskin, bub. They do that shit in India, too.
            Religious freedom or misogynistic Sharia?

            Are you on your way to the Ganges toilet, yet?

            SFC MAC

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