While the Middle East Blows Up, and the Economy Sinks, Obama Goes on Publicity Tour


From the Philly Post.

In a few hours President Barack Obama will trade jokes on the set with David Letterman and then head off to a fundraiser with Jay Z and Beyoncé. At the same time, on the other side of the world, 20 American embassies will be under siege and a total of 65 will be on alert for violence.

The media doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. So, I guess it’s okay. And if Republican challenger Mitt Romney dare say a word of criticism about it, networks and the major newspapers will eviscerate him for being “callous” and “tone deaf.” That’s the way it is in Campaign 2012.

Today the media has been dutifully distracted by a excerpts of a videotape recorded at a May 7 Mitt Romney fundraiser, taken without the permission of Romney or the host of the event. The tape, released now to change the subject, is the lead story on all national newscasts. This as four Americans are killed in Afghanistan, nine are killed in a suicide attack in the same country, and much of the Muslim world is threatening war on America

It has been one week since all hell broke loose in Muslim dominated countries. On the anniversary of 9/11, the American embassy in Tripoli, Egypt was stormed, and a mortar attack set the consulate in Benghazi, Libya on fire, killing four Americans—including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, whose body was dragged from the burned-out building while the crowd cheered.

The excuse for the violence and savagery is a poorly produced YouTube video that depicts the prophet Muhammad as a sex maniac who enjoys mass murder. However, it is becoming alarmingly clear that the protests are about much more than a religious insult.

Religious insult? Who the fuck cares?  We all know it’s just another day in the muzzie jihad.

Obama’s demeanor isn’t the  occasional lighthearted banter of a capable, intelligent leader.  This is the behavior of a detached narcissist who would rather schmooze with dipshit David Letterman, present himself as “eye candy” on The View, play golf, defend Big Bird, and call radio talk shows,  instead of attending intelligence briefings, getting tough on muslim terrorism, getting angry about the terrorist attacks on our embassies in Cairo and Libya, and focusing on the issues and problems facing this country. Oh, that’s right, the mutherfucker caused a lot of the problems we now face.  His policies embolden our enemies and stifle the economy. No wonder he’d rather sit with an adoring audience.

That’s the kind of shit that occupies his time. Well, that and campaigning.

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