This Made My Day: Thieves Ransack Home of Dennis Kucinich

From MyFox8 Cleveland.

Files and mementos belonging to Rep. Dennis Kucinich were among the items strewn about when his home was ransacked this week.

According to the Cleveland Division of Police, someone got into the house by using a rear window in the kitchen area.  It happened on Sunday around 10 p.m.

……Kucinich plans to retire from Congress after 16 years when his term ends in January.

The intruders did to him what the Dems have done to the country for the last 4 years. Come to think of it, burning down his house would have been equivalent.

About Kucinich:  This mealy-mouthed little leftwing troll engaged in treasonous activity and bat-shit crazy behavior. He also wants to grant Constitutional rights to foreign Islamic terrorists, and he’s a Vice Chair of the Socialist Party Caucus.

As mayor of Cleveland he was an embarrassment. As a Senator, he’s worse.  He may be retiring, but I’m sure wherever he goes, he’ll still be a problem child.

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