Trump Officially Ends America’s Participation in ‘Climate Change’ Hoax

Thank God.   The ‘global warming’/climate change scam is a tactic to gouge the economy and enrich globalists.


From The American Thinker:

President Trump cannot receive support from the public without making a firm stand.  When he makes it, things will change.  Many smart people will take a harder look at the science, the purported scientists, and the whole process.  Witnesses will come forward.  Real scientists will testify how they or their colleagues were defunded, dismissed, or otherwise mistreated for disagreeing with climate alarmism.  EPA employees will tell how their bosses abrogated their duty and became willing collaborators with Big Green.  Even journalists will come forward and bear witness to how the green activists pressed them for one-sided coverage.  When the wall of silence is broken, and the victims and witnesses feel no fear of retaliation, hundreds will step forward.

Then whistleblowers will start coming from the ranks of Big Green and other alarm-mongers.  Many non-profit corporations, from the Union of Con Scientists to the MacArthur Foundation, have been supplementing their multi-million incomes and multi-billion endowments with taxpayer money.  Some of them also falsely claimed charitable status and evaded taxes – usually while advocating tax increases for working men.  Certain leftist hedge fund managers took part in bankrupting coal companies and then bought their shares at rock-bottom prices.  Investigations and lawsuits will reveal many more cases.  Multiple laws allow private action for recovery, with the reach and bite of these laws expanded under the Obama administration.

One of the collateral benefits of climatism renouncement will be realization by many decent but deceived people of the left’s nature and agendas.  This will help address other areas, like academic decline.

Climate alarmism will not simply fade away.  Something receiving hundreds of billions of dollars annually cannot fade away.  Besides, very powerful political forces have tied their destiny to climate alarmism.  In the U.S., these forces include Big Green, the mis-educational complex, and possibly even the Democratic Party.  Abroad, most of the European political establishment is on the hook.  Together, they wield a lot of power and know how to use it.  On the other hand, a mere renouncement by the U.S. government would deliver a knockout to climate alarmism.  Abandoning the unratified Paris agreement would be a small step in the right direction.

The entire ‘man-made global warming’ hoax was trounced in 2009 when confidential emails between ‘climate change’ scientists Phil Jones and Michael Mann, were leaked to a reporter from the BBC. The e-mails show how they manipulated data and information to fit the “human-caused climate change” narrative, how they planned to keep the IPCC (the UN department in charge of monitoring climate change) from considering scientific viewpoints that challenged their legitimacy, and how they intended to squelch criticism.

The ensuing ‘Climategate’ scandal brought a crapload of scrutiny on the hucksters who pushed this shit in the first place.

Just two years after the story broke, Obama’s ‘Science Czar’ was caught trying to create a back channel to hide emails from anyone requesting information through the FOIA.

It’s time we divested ourselves from this fatuous ‘climate change’ bullshit.  Pulling out of the Paris agreement is a good start.




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