Washington State Rep Blasts Evergreen College ‘Indoctrination Factory’

From Twitchy

Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., closed Thursday in response to a threat of violence, one week after campus police advised a white and “deeply progressive” professor that he might not be safe on campus following his opposition to a white-free “Day of Absence.”

……It would be quite a surprise if last week’s protests had nothing to do with the threat that closed the campus. As Bari Weiss wrote in the New York Times Thursday, biology professor Bret Weinstein’s only “crime” was having “the gall to challenge a day of racial segregation,” and yet the backlash was so great it led him to hold his class in a park off campus.

……Washington State Rep. Matt Manweller called for the “indoctrination factory” to be defunded.


Thanks to the fatuous indoctrination of left wing academic intelligentsia, college campuses have morphed into a petri dish of bat-shit crazy dysfunction. Once these little snowflakes get out into the real world and try to get jobs, they will get a rude awakening when they find out that employers will not pander to their ‘feelz’ and unearned sense of entitlement. The administrations and faculty at these universities are fostering this kind of insanity by encouraging violent, infantile behavior. How ironic that the Free Speech Movement, which was started by left wing radicals on university campuses in the 1960s, against the ‘oppressive establishment’, has now become the oppressive establishment. Learning, healthy skepticism, courage of conviction and thoughtful analysis of the world have been gutted for a more dumbed-down, spineless, unprincipled, nihilist approach. Just the very act of rebelling against or challenging the agenda and the tactics of students who arrive at the college already radicalized, will get you death threats and social media hate speech. The inmates are running the asylum.


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