UC Berkeley Arson Suspect: 34-year-old PhD Grad Living in Parents’ Million-Dollar Home

Figures. Most of the leftoid anarchist thugs are unemployed losers living with mommy and daddy.

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An investigation of arson attacks at the University of California, Berkeley has led to the arrest of a 34-year-old man who is reportedly a student living in his parents’ million-dollar home.

Arson attacks including the firebombing of a UC Berkeley Police Department vehicle during anti-Israel protests on campus have been linked to Casey Robert Goonan, a PhD student who reportedly called the U.S. a “fascist hellhole.”

According to a CalFire news release, Goonan was arrested Monday in connection with four acts of arson at Berkeley in June and was booked into Alameda County jail where he is being held in lieu of $1 million bail, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“The incidents were investigated by Cal Fire’s Office of the State Fire Marshal Arson and Bomb Unit, the UC Berkeley Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the FBI,” the newspaper noted.

……..He completed his undergraduate degree at UC Riverside, the outlet reported, citing a social media post written by Goonan’s mother in 2022 that purportedly read, “Casey got his PhD! Onto job apps.”

The Standard reported that Goonan was described as an “abolitionist currently living and working in Chicago” in one 2019 bio and he wrote in online articles that the United States is a “god-awful fascist hell hole” where social injustices are “concealed under the blinders of white supremacist American reason.”

Goonan reportedly wrote another article entitled, “Defining Social Reality in a Revolutionary Way” in which he praised the Black Panther Party for providing a “blueprint” for the “scientific, premeditated, and necessarily methodical artistry of social revolution.”

Between June 1 and June 16, several arson attacks were carried out on the Berkeley campus, with pro-Palestinian posts taking credit online.

A pro-Palestine group using the social media handle “Marilyn’s Daughters” allegedly “looted a university supply building of ‘thousands of dollars,’ firebombed a police car, carried out ‘experimental burning of dry grass hills on the interior of campus,’ torched a building on the campus perimeter, and set fire to a construction site,” The Stanard reported.

“This was done to further retaliate against the UCPD for attacking students at UCSC and UCLA,” read one post while another declared, “EVERY SINGLE BUILDING ON THE UC BERKELEY CAMPUS DESERVES TO BE INCINERATED.”

…….The 34-year-old pleaded not guilty to felony vandalism and is set to appear Friday in San Francisco for the next hearing after his scheduled appearance Thursday in Alameda County court to be arraigned on arson charges. Goonan is also facing felony vandalism charges in an unrelated case from 2023.




African. American. Studies. Oh lord, another garbage degree from a liberal college.

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