Unhinged Lunatic Pizza Delivery Driver Goes Bonkers Over Trump Flag

Typical leftwingnut. Can’t have your way or don’t like something, just throw a tantrum and make threats.


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A video shared on social media purports to show a meltdown by an alleged pizza delivery driver over the display of a Trump flag on another vehicle.

Pro-Trump congressional candidate J.R. Majewski tweeted out the footage of the encounter. “A good friend of mine, one of the nicest guys you’ll meet, was almost driven off the road, and then threatened by a @PapaJohns driver near Cleveland Ohio. Because he has a Trump Flag on his truck,” the U.S. Air Force veteran claimed on Twitter.

The video (*warning for profanity) shows the man wearing a red Papa John’s “Pizza Super Power” shirt approaching Majewski’s friend despite the latter’s “don’t get close” admonition and his insistence that this is a free country and that he can put whatever he wants on his truck.

The purported pizza man can be seen flipping the bird several times and telling his adversary to commit an intimate act on himself and making an obscure reference that “$2.8 billion went to high society.”

The man in red (who may have been seeing red) also posed a challenge to the pro-Trumper: “If you get your b—h ass out of the truck, and agree to mutual contact, I will beat the f— out of you.”

“This is the problem with you f—–g liberals,” Majewski’s friend asserted. “That’s all you guys do…You don’t even know what the f— you’re talking about.”

……The pro-Trumper, who Majewski identified as Adam Radogna, posted several related Facebook videos including when the vehicles were allegedly side by side on the road and when he subsequently went to the pizza shop to complain to the manager.

Majewski also tweeted that “he has the entire altercation on video. Police were called, did nothing… the manager won’t watch the video.”

Cops later showed up and warned the man that he could be arrested for trespassing.

On an America First platform, Majewski is running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur in Ohio’s 9th congressional district in the Toledo area.


This is the lunatic who threatened Radogna:


This is where he works:


Let’s make him famous.


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