Union Punks in North Dakota Level Racist Slurs Against Workers at Sugar Plant

Must be part of that union war on “sons of bitches”.

Police say union supporters have directed racial slurs and racist symbols at replacement workers and security personnel outside an American Crystal Sugar plant in North Dakota.

Traill County Sheriff Mike Crocker says there have been racial statements made to security people outside of the company’s Hillsboro facility. He says he recently saw a monkey-like figure hanging from a noose attached to a large inflatable rat outside the plant. He says it was removed the next day.

The Grand Forks Herald reported Tuesday (http://bit.ly/oQfZWj) that many of the replacement workers are from Southern states, and some are minorities.

These are some of Obama’s pals. Where’s the “civility”?
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3 thoughts on “Union Punks in North Dakota Level Racist Slurs Against Workers at Sugar Plant”

  1. Not at all surprised by this. I am Black, Native American and French and I have lived in North Dakota for almost 3 years, have lived in the deep south—Georgia, and Texas and white people are very racist and hateful here–

    1. Jeanette,
      I’m not sure of the “hateful, racist” white people in North Dakota other than what has been reported about unions, who engage in violence and harassment but get a pass from Obama and the leftwing media.

      SFC MAC

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