Weiner’s Vacant Seat Goes to Republican

Republican businessman Bob Turner won a special election for a US Congress seat in a Democrat stronghold here, dealing a major blow to Barack Obama, media reported early Wednesday.

NY1 television reported that Turner had defeated Democratic state and city legislator Dave Weprin in the election to fill the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner, who stepped down earlier this year following an online sex scandal.

NY1 said Turner has won 53 percent of votes compared to Weprin’s 47 percent with three quarters of the ballots counted, guaranteeing the Republicans their first victory in the Queens and Brooklyn district since 1923.

……The seat opened in June when Weiner, a popular Democratic incumbent, resigned from the US House of Representatives after revelations that he was sending X-rated photos of himself to women he met online.

……Obama’s party has now suffered a humiliating defeat in a district where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans 3:1.

Turner who is 70 years old, came out of retirement to run for office. He was a TV Ad Exec for Multimedia Entertainment.
He wants to “fix what’s broken and go home. End subsidies. End government dependencies. Dramatically cut the budget by 30 or 35 percent. Slash capital-gains taxes down to zero. Cut taxes across the board.”  He’s a strong supporter of Israel and opposes
the ground zero mosque terrorist recruiting center.

New York added at least one good public servant to the ranks.

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