U.S. Government Will Build Border Fence….in Egypt

This is un-fucking-believable:

Cairo, Egypt (AHN) – The United States has announced that it is planning to help Egypt build a border fence along the Gaza-Egypt border. Washington transferred $23 million worth of special aid to the North African nation as part of its assistance in locating smuggling tunnels.

Over the past few months, smuggling between Gaza and Egypt has garnered more attention in light of the Israeli economic blockade on the small Mediterranean strip of land. Israel is calling on Egypt to improve its crackdown on Palestinian smuggling, which the Jewish state says allows weapons to enter Gaza that are then used against southern Israel.

The American Army Corps of Engineers plans to send teams to Egypt to help push forward the border fence plans.

Link: http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7010409049

I’m going to send this to every Republican in the House and Senate, as well as John “open borders” McCain.

They’ll build a goddamn security fence between two Middle Eastern countries, one of which is an Islamofascist state, but by god, they can’t seem to muster up the money or the effort to secure our own borders.


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