Young Americans for Freedom Asks “Winter Soldier II” Testifiers to Affirm ‘Guilt’

Jason Mattera, a journalist at Young Americans for Freedom, has confronted more than one mealy-mouthed politician, and asked them to explain some of their outrageous comments.

He cornered John (the troops are cold-blooded murderers) Murtha ( and John (Winter Soldier) Kerry (, about their despicable comments toward America and the military. They literally ran from the camera. That’s what craven leftwing politicians do when the interview isn’t on their terms.

At the “Winter Soldier II” conference, held in Washington D.C. the week of 14 March 2008, a handful of young, disgruntled anti-war veterans, made some allegations about themselves and fellow service members.  (

Mattera recently caught up with some of the IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) ex-military misfits, and asked them if they would sign affidavits swearing to the ‘war crimes’ they claimed to have committed while in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Links to the YAF site and YouTube video:

Not surprisingly, he got evasive responses like: “We have already been verified”, “I’m not a legal professional, so I wouldn’t advise anyone to do something like that”, ” I think it’s up to the individual”, “I’m not really sure about that”, “We have a legal team to help us with those issues”, and “I can’t give you an opinion without taking a little bit longer to think about it”.

One interviewee, Clifton Hicks, a former Army Private who was charged with vandalizing government property and disrespect toward a Non-Commissioned Officer, applied for Conscientious Objector status just before he was discharged. Big surprise. When asked if he would sign a sworn statement, he replied, “Oh, hell no!” This is even after he was recorded at the IVAW convention, on video tape, describing his ‘atrocities’ in great detail.

Garret Reppenhagan, another one of the IVAW “testifiers” claims that he’d do it. I can hardly wait.

I’m not so sure sworn statements on the part of these pathological liars would do any good. John Kerry’s fabricated tales before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 1972, were under ‘sworn testimony’. The VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War) paraded several veterans in front of the House of Representatives, who were outright phonys.

One was Al Hubbard, executive secretary of the VVAW in 1971 and a primary organizer of the Winter Soldier event who had claimed a heroic combat record as an Air Force pilot wounded in Vietnam. Burkett found that Hubbard was neither a pilot nor an officer, was never wounded, and was in fact never assigned to Vietnam at all.

The IVAW is a bunch of abject cowards. These execrable delinquents made all kinds of claims in front of bloggers and various media representatives at their little “Winter Soldier II” convention, but when it comes to owning up to them on a sworn statement, or backing up their allegations, they prove to be just as chickenshit as we thought.
Just like their 1972 “Winter Soldier” counterparts.

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