VA Ripped for Helping to Pay Illegals’ Treatment While Over 400K Veterans Wait for Care

This is a fucking insult. It’s a slap in the face to veterans and further proof that Biden’s regime will aid and abet illegal aliens, in spite of the law and the suffering of our own people.

NY  Post

The Department of Veterans Affairs is facing blowback for helping pay out millions of dollars to medical providers who treat illegal immigrants while they are in federal custody — while a backlog of hundreds of thousands of claims from veterans has grown.

The VA’s Austin, Texas-based Financial Services Center (FSC) has been contracted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) since 2002 to process reimbursement claims by providers who offer services to detained migrants.

In fiscal year 2022, which ended Sept. 30 of that year, FSC processed 161,538 such claims, with the ICE Health Services Corps (IHSC) paying out an average of $584 — a total of $94.3 million in taxpayer money, according to a July 2023 Department of Homeland Security report on “Healthcare Costs for Noncitizens in Detention.”

In the previous fiscal year, 2021, ICE’s health care arm budgeted more than $74 million for the VA’s FSC to assist with “outside referral care” and “medical claims processing,” according to a report from July 2022.

Meanwhile, the pile of benefit claims by veterans and their families awaiting adjudication has grown to 417,855, according to the VA’s own website — up from around 150,000 as of late 2022.

Illegals should not be here, let alone get care from the VA.

The Biden regime has a habit of pushing vets to the side in favor of his own agenda.

In NYC, homeless veterans were kicked out of hotels to make way for illegals. 

That $100 billion he gifted to Zelensky could have been used to secure the border and help homeless vets.

By the way, he doesn’t let things like a ceremony for the servicemembers killed during his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal interfere with his compulsion to see if he’s running late for something more important.



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