Victor Davis Hanson on Obama’s ‘Quaint’ Dismissal of the Separation of Powers

……progressive federal judges have been creating, rather than interpreting, law for decades. Yet seldom in memory have we seen such a systematic attack on our framework of laws as the present assault from the executive branch.

Federal immigration statutes mandate a clearly defined American border, which aliens may not cross without authorization. Yet the Obama administration not only does not fully enforce those statutes (in this regard, it is not behaving much differently from the prior administration), but also is preparing to sue the state of Arizona for implementing enforcement that follows the intent of neglected federal laws on the books. Apparently, the president believes that enforcement of existing law is a bargaining chip that can be used to obtain “comprehensive immigration reform” — a euphemism for blanket amnesty.

……Federal officials determine a supposed good and then find the necessary way to achieve it. The law be damned. “Diversity,” unions, environmentalism — any of these anointed causes trumps the staid idea of simply following the letter of the law.

Hanson gives several examples of the Obama regime’s trashing of the Constitution and federal laws, including: the abetting of illegal aliens by secretary of labor Hilda Solis, election-tampering by a federal judge in Port Chester, N.Y., and the Cap and Trade farce from the Environmental Protection Agency. We are up against a socialist autocracy run amok. To paraphrase Hanson: They are not just content to achieve their socialist agenda, they want to control the means to get it. That translates into some of the most tyrannical government tactics on record. There’s one major obstacle standing in their way; fed-up, Constitution-supporting American citizens.

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