WaPo Lies About Publishing Home Address of Woman Who Owns Libs of TikTok

Taylor Lorenz is a leftie crybully who doxxed Chaya Raichik, the woman who created Libs of Tik Tok.

Gateway Pundit

The fake news mainstream Marxists hit another new low today.

The Washington Post and star contributor Taylor Lorenz doxxed a conservative Twitter user’s home address online.  Then they later deleted it and lied about it in an attempt to save face.

It didn’t matter.  The damage was done. The elites accomplished what they set out to do.  Out a conservative Orthodox Jew, dox her home address, then pretend they didn’t just do that.

This is why Americans detest the fake news machine.

Marina Medvin breaks down the WaPo’s shitty excuses for their despicable behavior.





Leftwing nutbags hate having the mirror held up to their own faces. They retaliate enmasse to brow beat conservatives and really meltdown when it doesn’t work.


1 thought on “WaPo Lies About Publishing Home Address of Woman Who Owns Libs of TikTok”

  1. John D. Egbert

    Sun Zhu wrote “keep your friends close, your enemies closer.”

    The only reason(s) I subscribed into the Washington (Com)Post through the 20 years we lived in the DC metro area were to check on what the enemy was up to (subscribed the the Washington Times for the news) and for their admittedly excellent comics pages.

    It was eight years ago that we escaped the Peoples Democratic Republic of Maryland; it can only have gotten worse since then . . .

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