Waukesha Murderer Darrell Brooks Convicted on All Counts (UPDATED)

He got life in prison.
He should be taken out of the gene pool. The shitbag will spend years using taxpayers’ money for appeals.

Fox6 Milwaukee

A jury found Darrell Brooks guilty on all counts Wednesday, Oct. 26 in the Waukesha Christmas parade attack that took place Nov. 21, 2021. The jury deliberated for less than three hours.

This, after a more than three-week trial that was, perhaps, unlike any other we’ve seen. Brooks was convicted of all 76 counts, including six counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

As the verdicts were read in open court, someone in the gallery yelled, “Burn in hell, you piece of (expletive)” and was removed from the courtroom.

After the verdicts were read, Judge Jennifer Dorow polled the jury, and each of them confirmed the verdicts as read in court were true. When the judge asked Brooks if he was satisfied with the polling, he said no. The court accepted the verdicts and entered a judgment of conviction on all counts. Dorow thanked the jury for its service and discharged its members.

Dorow said the court would revoke bond for Brooks, who never posted the $5 million sum. The parties were ordered to return to court Monday, Oct. 31 to schedule Brooks’ sentencing. The judge said she would allow people to appear via Zoom.

……Wednesday afternoon, Waukesha County District Attorney Sue Opper spoke on the verdict reached earlier that morning.

……Opper said a challenge in the case was preparing for what “nonsense would come out of (Brooks’) mouth” and making sure to have legal responses prepared. She also said the state vowed early on they would not put children on the stand.

“This case was unique because the activity was videotaped,” said Opper. “Most cases, we have to rely on eyewitness accounts. We had videograph evidence of his behavior all up and down the crime scene, throughout the neighborhood. In that way, it wasn’t difficult. The difficulty and challenges we faced was what nonsense was going to come out of his mouth next.”

The district attorney also conveyed the significance of the victims and their families: “The motivation we received from those families was tremendous.”

He ‘represented’ himself and turned the court room into a circus full of rants and disruptions.

The sack of shit has a record a mile long, and he capped it off with a deliberate act of mass murder.  Wisconsin outlawed the death penalty so he’ll sit in prison breathing precious oxygen while the taxpayers for the bill for his upkeep.

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