Welcome to Obamanation, Part II

Obamanation Part I was just a precursor.  Get ready for the sequel.

Fresh hell, right out of the gate:

Dow Jones plummets 300 points, S&P dives 1400 points.

National unemployment rate is still 8%.   The current underemployment rate is 14.6%

California just voted to raise taxes on “wealthy earners”. (READ: Job creators)

Obama considers levying a “carbon tax” to pay for his national deficit.

If you didn’t feel that big government was oppressing you enough, Obama’s second term will help him ‘expand the government’s reach’.

Brutish campaign with no mandate. Except to reinforce the damage.

You unfortunate saps in the Blue Obama States affected by Hurricane Sandy can expect a nor’easter to slam into your asses real soon.  And if you expect big brother Obama to kiss your boo boo and make it all better, don’t bother. The damage he’s done to the whole country makes your catastrophe pale in comparison.   And just think, he’s got four more years, thanks to assholes like you.

Those sequester budget layoff notices that were delayed until after the election are due to kick in January 2013.  Thousands will be added to the unemployment roll.

Speaking of layoffs:

Boeing announces cut backs and layoffs to pre-2010 levels.

A Las Vegas business owner with 114 employees fired 22 workers today, as a result of Obama’s re-election. “David” (he asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) told Host Kevin Wall on 100.5 KXNT that “elections have consequences” and that “at the end of the day, I need to survive.”

More from Michelle Malkin:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last Tuesday that employers issued 1,316 “mass layoff actions” (affecting 50 workers or more) in September; more than 122,000 workers were affected overall. USA Today financial reporter Matt Krantz wrote that “(m)uch of the recent layoff activity is connected to what’s been the slowest period of earnings growth since the third quarter of 2009.” Some necessary restructuring is underway in response to the stagnant European economy. But more and more U.S. businesses are putting the blame — bravely and squarely — right where it belongs: on the obstructionist policies and regulatory schemes of the blame-shifter-in-chief.

Last week, Ohio-based auto parts manufacturer Dana Holding Corp. warned employees of potential layoffs amid “looming concern” about the economy. President and CEO Roger Wood specifically mentioned the walloping burden of “increasing taxes on small businesses” and the need to “offset increased costs that are placed on us through new laws and regulations.”

Case in point: Obamacare. The mandate will cost Dana Holding Corp., which employs some 24,500 workers, “approximately $24 million over the next six years in additional U.S. health care expenses.” As Ohio Watchdog blogger Maggie Thurber reported, the firm’s Toledo area corporate offices laid off seven white-collar employees last Friday; company insiders told her more were on the way. They are not alone.

On Tuesday, Consol Energy issued a federally mandated layoff disclosure announcing its “intent to idle its Miller Creek surface operations near Naugatuck, W.Va.” The move will affect the company’s Wiley Surface Mine, Wiley Creek Surface Mine, Minway Surface Mine, Minway Preparation Plant and Miller Creek Administration Group, all in Mingo County, W.Va. Despite state approval, cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and myriad other agencies, and a stellar safety record, Obama’s EPA dragged its feet on the permit approval process. The impasse has forced layoffs of 145 Consol Energy employees that will hit at the end of the year. They are not alone.

In August, Robert E. Murray, founder and CEO of Murray Energy Corporation in Ohio, blasted the White House anti-coal agenda for the layoffs and closure of his company’s mine. He told Obama water-carrying CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien that “the many regulations that (Obama) and his radical appointees and the U.S. EPA have put on the use of coal, there are dozens of them and collectively by his own energy administration, have closed 175 power plants.” As O’Brien barked at her guest about purported environmental objections, Murray explained that “we cannot get permits for these mines. They are delaying the issuance of permits. If you can’t get the permit, you can’t have the mine. … I created those jobs, and I put the investment in that mine. And when it came time to lay the people off, I went up personally and talked to every one of them myself to lay them off. It’s a human issue.”

Tax hikes across the board, higher gas prices, and ObamaCare expenses on the way.

We are this close to being Greece.

Brace yourself, it’s gonna be a shitty ride.

Get used to it.

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