‘What Constitution’? Part II

Some reporters from CNS have been posing this question to the brain dead Democrat politicians in D.C.

“Where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?”

Patrick Leahy insists that Congress has the implied authority. (It does not)

Nancy Pelosi responded with:

“Are you serious? Are you serious?”

That’s right Nancy, we’re serious.

The same question was posed to Obama’s mouthpiece, Robert Gibbs:

Gibbs was asked by a reporter on Monday: “Have White House lawyers looked at this issue? Has this been examined in any way?”

Gibbs responded: “Not that I know of. I don’t think it has gotten to the point where anybody questions the legitimacy of it.”

The reporter followed up: “Well, Orrin Hatch questions the legitimacy of it.” Gibbs quipped, “Well, you should ask him.”

The reporter asked, “Do you not feel there is any concern at all about whether it is constitutional for Congress to impose a mandate?”

“No,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs, of course, ignores the fact that millions of Americans have questioned its legitimacy from the first  time it was proposed.

The Democrats are just as dismissive of the U.S. Constitution as they are American citizens who demand accountability and answers from a malfeasant, out of control Congress. Little did the nation’s founders realize that our government would morph into an arrogant, disdainful kleptocracy.

Pelosi should keep in mind that we already had one revolution in this country against oppressive ‘rulers’.

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