What Got Omitted From the ObamaCare Speech

A breakdown of what Obama left out.

……lawmakers have changed Medicare ever since this massive government controlled health care program was launched in the ‘60s.A program that made it easier for Blue Cross/Blue Shield to dump their sickest patients onto the U.S. government.

A government plan that, along with Medicaid, is responsible for covering more than half of the health-care costs in this country, a plan that underbids private insurers and drives up private insurance costs as doctors and hospitals make up the difference on their lower Medicare reimbursements by padding their charges to private plans.

……Don’t you deserve at the very least a healthier debate, before the White House and the US Congress change one-sixth of the US economy?

The question should be: “Don’t you think we should stop this train wreck before it destroys at least one-sixth of the U.S. economy? That includes all the bailouts and the cap and trade plan.

……The president said last night that his plan won’t add to the deficit and that he’s so committed to this idea, he’ll put in a provision demanding further cuts if the reform costs are too high.  

Remember, Democrats ran on “paygo” in 2006, promising to offset any new spending increases or tax cuts with equal tax increases or spending cuts. But as soon as they took charge on Capitol Hill, the loopholes were written, in which the Dems waived paygo a dozen times to take care of nearly $400 bn in new deficit spending.

Loopholes sanctioned by the same Democrats who are now ramming through healthcare reform faster than the 18 months it took to get Medicare debated in the Congress in the ‘60s.

……And watch for any indication that the Administration’s cloakroom deal with drug companies, who vowed to deliver up to $80 bn in savings, was made in return for the costly promise that Medicare won’t negotiate prescription drug prices, and that the US would not import cheaper drugs from Canada.

……Remember, the CBO estimates that the current House proposals not only won’t reduce the deficit, but will actually increase it, with one estimate calculating an increase of $239 bn over 10 years. But you didn’t hear the president acknowledge that analysis in his speech last night.

Watch this analysis from the CBO. The immense budget deficit that the government is running will hit $1.6 tn for this year. That will result in a lot of interest payments to buyers of US debt. According to the CBO, the total net interest payment owed on the deficit will hit $1.5 tn total for the five year period from 2010 to 2014. The CBO estimates that, if 10-year yields and T-bill rates moved back to the average levels of 1990s by 2014, the interest bill on the deficit for the five-year period would rise to $2 tn, the CBO says. Use the ’80s average on t-bills, and the interest payments climb to $2.6 tn.

……Time after time, in interview after interview, the habitually self-deceiving Democrats consciously ignore the following in the health care debate:

That tort reform is needed or the costs of defensive medicine will be dumped onto the backs of the US taxpayer through any government-sponsored plan; that reform will cause the deficit to tear a wider hole in the universe, as the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has pointed out; and that the economic downturn behooves the president to make sure the financial system, recipient of massive taxpayer-funded bailouts that have not been so cinematically picture perfect, is fixed first.

The Democrats are unwilling to pass any health care reform that does not include some kind of government-run stipulation and pandering to special interests like ACORN, PhRMA (the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America), and AARP.

The numbers game:

Health care policy researchers are contradicting President Obama’s claim that a government-run health insurance program would be self-sufficient and could rely on premiums, saying it’s not possible to insure up to 30 million people with better coverage and reduce costs at the same time.

“The numbers don’t hold up,” Grace Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute, a think tank devoted to health policy, said Thursday. 

In his case to the joint session of Congress Wednesday night, Obama cited the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to contend that less than 5 percent of Americans would sign up for a so-called public option.

The July report by the CBO projected that 6 million people would enroll in a government-run program, considerably fewer than the 100 million estimated by The Lewin Group, a health care policy research group, or the 47 million predicted by the left-leaning Urban Institute. 

The CBO offered its figure as part of an evaluation of one of the four congressional health bills floating through Congress right now. Asked whether a public plan would draw a significant number of Americans covered by private insurance, the congressional budget arm acknowledged that larger companies were not included in the assumptions. 

The CBO added that because several factors are uncertain, “estimating enrollment in the public plan is especially difficult.”

Another lie he and his fellow Democrats have told is that Republicans have offered no alternative solutions.

To date there have been 35 alternate bills submitted and not one of them even got a look from the Democrat-controlled legislature:

All he did was bullshit his way through a partisan pep rally.  Congress and Senate approval ratings are in the toilet and Obama’s is heading there as well.  Any bill that further gouges taxpayers, dictates how the government will run health care, and penalizes those who won’t relinquish their rights to the government, is D.O.A.

Newsflash for Obama: You. Lie.

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