What if We Use the Left’s Tactics and Blame Obama for the Carson City Murders?

Via Karol Markowitz.

If you’re looking for someone to blame for the horrific shooting of National Guardsmen at a Carson, Nevada IHOP yesterday look no further: I blame president Obama.

Allow me connect the dots.

On Labor Day Monday, the day before the shooting, the president took to the stage in Detroit to address a Labor Day Rally. Shortly before Obama’s speech, Teamster leader James Hoffa spoke. Calling Republicans “sons of bitches” he assured the president that “this is your army. We are ready to march” and that it was time to take the other side “out”. The president didn’t disavow the remarks when he spoke shortly thereafter which would imply, if he were a Republican and the media cared about covering it, that he agreed with Hoffa.

Obviously the crazed Carson gunman heard the call to arms and shot at military members, a segment of the population traditionally aligned with those Republicans he was instructed to “take out.” Taking the president’s silence as tacit agreement, the gunman followed the instructions given to him. President Obama really should apologize to the families of the dead and to the country.

No? That sounds crazy? Is it disgusting that someone would take a tragedy like the one in Carson and distort and politicize it? Are you repulsed that someone would even make this kind of ridiculous, random and unfounded connection? Welcome to our world, liberals.  Did you think the same thing when Sarah Palin was essentially blamed for the shooting in Tuscon? Was it ok that the NY Times pushed the line that “rhetoric”, especially rhetoric on the right, was to blame for the actions of a deranged man, even after it became crystal clear that it wasn’t?

I agree, even if it’s just to prove a point.  American citizens’ right to protest against Obama’s unconstitutional political agenda, is met with hate, derogatory rhetoric, and violence.    Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Waters, and the leftwing hacks at the New York Times and MSNBC have seizures over the Tea Party and make total jackasses out of themselves trying to fault the patriotic organization for crimes carried out by their own leftwing ideologues, and unhinged moonbats like Jared Loughner.

I’ll take Markowitz’ sarcasm a bit further and nominate every screeching  halfwit on the Left for the atrocity committed by the Carson City shooter.  A taste of their own medicine would do them some good.

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