Wikileaks Fop Continues Classified Information Dumps

Big Peace has a running tally at this link:

The latest:

“The latest WikiLeaks document dump, publishing the details of more than 250,000 confidential U.S. diplomatic cables, has member of Congress blaming both the whistle-blowing website and the U.S. government for somehow allowing it to happen.

The massive security breach has been blamed on the intelligence community providing thousands of people access to classified information. The bottom line here is that clearance and access levels are given on a “need to know” basis. Some individuals must have access to certain types of information and data in performance of their duties. The extent of an individual’s background investigation is in accordance with their level of clearance and access; the higher the clearance, the more extensive the background investigation.   No matter what, it’s difficult for the intelligence community to check a self-absorbed, whiny, little homosexual with an axe to grind.

The root cause of this latest round of treason is PFC Bradley Manning, and for that, he should be taken out and shot.

Some of the information confirms what we already knew; what we really think of our allies and enemies. Other information put the lives of American troops and our mission in Afghanistan in grave danger. Julian Assange and his cohorts have committed more espionage and facilitated more material support for Islamic terrorism than anyone in history. He gleefully publishes secrets at his discretion, throwing a grenade then standing back to watch the chaos.

His main target is the United States. If Assange had information that revealed secrets from Iran, China, North Korea, or Al Qaeda, he’d likely not be as eager to “crush the bastards”. Oh, but that’s right. They don’t have a Wikileaks problem to worry about.

Other than wagging his winger, Obama hasn’t done squat to go after this little cocksucker.
Marc Thiessen writes:

The Obama administration has the ability to bring Assange to justice and to put WikiLeaks out of business. The new U.S. Cyber Command could shut down WilkiLeaks’ servers and prevent them from releasing more classified information on President Obama’s orders. But, as The Post reported this month, the Obama administration has been paralyzed by infighting over how, and when, it might use these new offensive capabilities in cyberspace. One objection: “The State Department is concerned about diplomatic backlash” from any offensive actions in cyberspace, The Post reported. Well, now the State Department can deal with the “diplomatic backlash” that comes from standing by helplessly, while WikiLeaks releases hundreds of thousands of its most sensitive diplomatic cables.

Because of its failure to act, responsibility for the damage done by these most recent disclosures now rests with the Obama administration.

This isn’t a free speech issue.  As I’ve said before:
Wikileaks pithy motto is “Courage is Contagious”. “Courageous” self-aggrandizing cockholsters like Assange, are a prime example of moral relativism. The only “whistleblowing” he does is on Western foreign policy—America’s, in particular. It’s propaganda for the enemy; his goal is to undermine our war effort against an Islamofascist adversary that wouldn’t think twice of making him a enuch for the cause. He posts all of this from the comfort of a free-speech environment, using it as a forum for treasonous activity.

Don’t count on Obama having the guts to stop him.

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2 thoughts on “Wikileaks Fop Continues Classified Information Dumps”

  1. “Courage is contagious.” Wikileaks is bringing information to “we the people.” One of our greatest presidents, Thomas Jefferson said he would rather have a free press than a government.

    You can keep kissing your government overlords’ fat asses. I would rather not buy into their habitual lies.

    1. I am V,

      Funny how the Left reacts when douchebags like Assange release information harmful to America’s security. Notice that the only “bastards” he “crushes” are Western governments, not the ChiCom, the North Koreans, or Islamofascist nation-states. He throws a turd in the punchbowl from the comfort of a free society, then hides. Not very courageous of him. If you really believe Assange is doing this for some noble reason, I’ve got a big bridge in Brooklyn for sale; cheap.

      Any one who thinks committing treason and endangering the lives of American troops and citizens is tantamount to “freedom of press”, has a shit factory for a brain.

      I support the Tea Party and the Constituitional principles they embrace, including the separation of powers, limited government, and the common sense protection of our Democratic Republic; which does not entail publishing secrets that damage our national security.

      And you may kiss my ass.

      SFC MAC

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