Wisconsin Dem Doesn’t Take Criticism Well

Via Gateway Pundit.

Fred Clark is a Wisconsin Dem running against a sitting Republican in one of the state’s recall elections. He called a constituent, and didn’t like the answer he got when he asked for her support.

A Wisconsin democrat running in a recall election left a message on a woman’s answering machine. The democrat said he ought to smack her around in a message he didn’t know was being recorded.
WISGOP reported:

Rep. Fred Clark (D-Baraboo), running in a recall election against Senator Luther Olsen, was caught on tape last week saying he would like to “smack around” a woman in his district.

The comment was recorded on the home answering machine of Sue and John Stapelman of Baraboo. Clark phoned the family while making campaign calls, and had a short, curt conversation with Sue Stapelman. Stapelman then hung up the phone, but her answering machine was still rolling, and caught Clark saying, “I feel like calling her back and smacking her around.”


Clarks response is indicative of an arrogant, dismissive politican who thinks his constituents shouldn’t be angered over the behavior of the Dem party in Wisconsin.  His contempt for dissent is pervasive throughout the Dem leftwing fringe.

Here’s hoping that Clark gets smacked around in the election.

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