Doing Business With the Enemy

Further sanctions against terrorist states like Iran would put a crimp in Germany’s financial and export ties:

The German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce sponsored a seminar this week in Hamburg entitled “Iran Sanctions — Practical Consequences for German Companies.” The session was designed to help firms in “these difficult times” — a reference to U.N. trade sanctions, not the global economy. Speakers included Sabine Hummerich from Bank Melli, Iran’s largest bank. In June, the European Union froze Bank Melli’s assets because of its ties to Tehran’s nuclear program and barred dealings with the bank. This didn’t stop organizers from inviting Ms. Hummerich to lecture about the “Financial Transaction of Iranian Business Deals.”

As Europe’s largest exporter to Iran, Germany has unique leverage over the regime. But Berlin refuses to use it. German exports to Iran are up 14.1% in the first seven months of this year. The Islamic Republic is so popular in Germany that another group, Management Circle, is planning a two-day crash course next month in Frankfurt.

The dhimmification of Europe is coming about through intimidation by Islamic enclaves on the continent, and a feckless disregard of the dangers in establishing unconditional business with terrorist Middle Eastern countries.

Militant Islam is being rewarded by the very countries it targets for terrorist attacks. What’s next, a seat for Ayman al-Zawahiri in their Parliament?

There’s also U.S.-based internet providers allowing Islamic jihiadist propaganda to operate on their websites. The “Shebaab al-Mujahideen Movement in Somalia” put out a communique complaining of all the negative press garnered by the Somali pirates.

The al Shabaab spokesman confirmed that the website is illegally  hosted by the Vancouver, Washington based Dotster. The media wing is part of the Global Islamic Media Front, a terrorist facilitator.

The GIMF official website: [] carries their official statements and serves as their propaganda outlet, along with a wing known as ‘Sada al-Jihad Media Center’, part of the GIMF network.

(Hat tip to Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report:

Our own General Electric sees no problem with engaging in business enterprise with an enemy responsible for filtering terrorists and IEDs into Iraq and Afghanistan to harm American troops.


A former U.S. Senator, no less, endorsed this shit. The Free Enterprise Action Fund reported that:

“Sam Nunn voted to allow the General Electric Company to do business with Iran despite that the U.S. government had labeled Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism”

This type of business activity is absolutely insane. The destruction of Western civilization is being financed through aid and support of our enemies; they are selling us the rope on which we will hang.

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