Ayman al-Zawahri’s Advice for Financial Meltdown: Convert to Islam

Yeah right, ya fucking towel head.  I’ll do that as soon as I forget I’m a former Soldier, an American, and clear a date on my calendar.

Al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader appeared in a new video posted Friday calling on Americans to embrace Islam to overcome the financial meltdown, which he said was a consequence of the Sept. 11 attacks and militant strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ayman al-Zawahri, whose 80-minute recording touched on a number of subjects, also lashed out at Afghanistan’s government and said any U.S. gains in Iraq will be temporary.

Zawahri’s new recording came in the form of a question-and-answer session with an off-camera interviewer.

Appearing in a white turban and robe, Zawahri discussed the roots of the U.S. economic crisis. He said it was a repercussion of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States, and that the crisis would continue “as long as the foolish American policy of wading in Muslim blood continues.”

I bet that’s news to the poor saps forced by the Democrats in Congress to finance Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

……Zawahri then called on the American people to “embrace Islam to live a life free of greed, exploitation and forbidden wealth.”

Yeah, let’s all stop taking baths, wrap ourselves in black robes from head to foot, and live in a cave.

He also dared President George W. Bush to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan and the region.

“I tell Bush: the dogs of Afghanistan have yet to eat their fill of the flesh of the Americans,” Zawahri said.    “I challenge you, if you’re really a man, to send the entire American Army to Pakistan and the tribal regions.”

You mean like the way we kicked your smelly, swarthy asses in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Those muslims are a glutton for punishment.

Zawahri spoke out against charges al-Qaida has killed innocent civilians, calling the reports Western propaganda.


Not to worry, Ayman. Most of the liberal MSM reporting centered around anti-U.S. propaganda.

By the way, if the craven little Taliban fucks in Kabul are any indication, Pakistan should be a cakewalk:

KABUL, Afghanistan — Gunbattles and airstrikes by NATO and Afghan troops killed 53 militants in Afghanistan, including a wanted Taliban commander who tried to hide from soldiers under a woman’s burqa, officials said Saturday.

The U.S. forces targeting the commander surrounded a house Friday in Ghazni province and ordered everyone inside to leave, a military statement said.

Six women and 12 children left the building, but while Soldiers were questioning the women they discovered one was actually a man dressed in a burqa, the traditional all-encompassing dress that most Afghan women wear. The man, later identified as the targeted commander Haji Yakub, tried to attack the Soldiers and was killed, the military said.

Yakub allegedly directed roadside bomb and suicide attacks against Afghanistan’s government and coalition forces in Ghazni, according to the statement. Three other militants were killed in the operation, it said.


Didja get that Ayman? One of your brave, fierce, cross-dressing jihad warriors was caught and killed in drag.

See what happens when they come up against real warriors?

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