Bernie’s Press Secretary: ‘Now I Can Drop ‘Democratic’ From ‘Democratic Socialism’

There’s nothing “democratic” about socialism.

From Summit News

After he announced he was suspending his presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders’ press secretary expressed relief that she could finally drop the word “democratic” from the term “democratic socialism.”

The mask comes off.

Sanders announced he was bowing out of the race earlier today telling his supporters during a live stream that the decision was “very difficult and painful” while acknowledging there was no feasible path to the nomination.

Briahna Joy Gray, Bernie’s press secretary had a very revealing response, tweeting, “On the plus side, I can drop the “Democratic” from my tweets about why Socialism is good.”

The term “democratic socialism” has long been used by Bernie’s campaign as a thin veil to disguise the fact that he is a command and control socialist and his policies have more in common with dictatorial socialist countries than anything America has ever seen.

“Democratic socialism” was originally coined by social democrats in the 20th century who wanted to emphasize that they saw a path to socialism through peaceful reform, not authoritarian tyranny as seen in Russia.

By eschewing the term “democratic,” Gray is basically admitting that the impetus behind Bernie’s campaign was authoritarian from the very beginning.

This correlates with frightening statements made by Bernie’s hardcore supporters and his own campaign staff.

A series of videos released by Project Veritas earlier this year featured Bernie staffers confirming with their own words just how “democratic” they envisioned their brand of socialism to be.

“I’m ready to start tearing bricks up and start fighting. I’m no cap, bro,” said South Carolina field organizer Martin Weissgerber in one oft he videos. “I’ll straight up get armed, I want to learn how to shoot and go train. I’m ready for the f**ing revolution, bro.”

“I’m telling you. Guillotine the rich,” he added.

Another campaign organizer named Kyle Jurek was captured on camera advocating re-education camps for Trump supporters while vowing that that “Milwaukee will burn” if Sanders didn’t get the nomination.

Looks like Kyle is out of a job.

Hopefully, it’s the former:



Any millennial who thinks socialism is wonderful, had better study its bloody history. 

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