Biden’s DOJ Shuts Down China Espionage Unit Because, ‘Hurt Feelz’

Biden sucks ChiCom dick.

Fox News

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it is ending its “China Initiative” program that was aimed at preventing spying by the Chinese Communist Party, and launching a new, “broader approach.”

The China Initiative was started in 2018 under the Trump administration to protect U.S. national security against Chinese spying on U.S. intellectual property and in academia. The DOJ website said it was aimed at “identifying and prosecuting those engaged in trade secret theft, hacking, and economic espionage,” as well as “protecting our critical infrastructure against external threats through foreign direct investment and supply chain compromises.”

That program is coming to an end. In its place, the DOJ is instituting a new “Strategy for Countering Nation-State Threats.”

“Our goal with this strategy is to take a comprehensive approach that draws on the full extent of our tools and authorities to address the alarming rise in illegal activity from hostile nations,” Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the DOJ’s National Security Division said. “This includes growing threats within the United States and to Americans and U.S. businesses abroad.”

Olsen said “the current threat landscape demands a broader approach,” and cited not just China, but Iran, Russia, and North Korea.

“These nations seek to undermine our core democratic, economic, and scientific institutions,” he continued. “And they employ a growing range of tactics to advance their interests and to harm the United States. Defending American institutions and values against these threats is a national security imperative and a priority for the Department.”

……DOJ had been conducting a review of the China Initiative and changes were expected. The DOJ was concerned that the old program stoked anti-Asian bias after receiving input from the Asian American community.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden administration had been under pressure from activists and faculty at some universities over the effort. They said it was harming U.S. competitiveness in research and disproportionately targeting people based on race.


Bullshit. It’s got nothing to do with “race” and everything to do with Chinese aggression.

Kowtowing is what the Dems do best.

Biden’s regime dropped charges against an MIT professor who passed technology to the ChiCom government.

The US government and businesses are selling our security to Beijing.

Addlebrained Biden refers to China’s tyranny as “different norms“.  To make matters worse, some U.S. companies like the fact that we are saddled with a pro-ChiCom regime.

The ChiComs disrespect Biden’s cowardice and gleefully pounce on liberal hypocrisy.  The status of China as the leading foreign threat to the United States is now on the front burner.

The Chinese have engaged in cyber attacks, spying, economic espionage, and actual threatening of U.S. Naval vessels.

China builds artificial islands and militarizes them.

A ChiCom Air Show exhibition depicted their forces attacking a U.S. Navy vessel.

China announces that its nuclear submarines can hit the U.S. with missiles.

China’s military buildup is accelerating.  American companies who do business with China help fund the military buildup.  In turn, China arms North Korea and Iran.

A senior Chinese officer declared that China should ‘topple U.S. dominance’. Whether China can actually pull this off is a matter of great debate, but the fact that they have their claws sunk so deeply into us economically should be a wake-up call.

But Garland is worried about Asian snowflakes.

God help us.


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