Obama Raises Debt Ceiling to an ‘Unpatriotic’ $16.4 Trillion

Remember this shit?:

As Obama prepares to raise the debt ceiling — after the Senate waived its opposition last week — $5 trillion hikes evidently are no longer “unpatriotic” as Obama said they were in 2008 while describing former President George W. Bush’s $4 trillion increase over eight years.

The White House requested authority earlier this month to raise the debt ceiling to $16.4 trillion, up $1.2 trillion from last summer and more than $5 trillion from the statutory limit of $11.3 trillion set in October 2008 before Obama took office. The debt at the time Obama entered the White House was $10.6 trillion. The ceiling was raised to $12.1 trillion within a month of his inauguration.

Such increases used to be anathema to Obama, who voted in March 2006 along with all his Senate Democratic colleagues against Bush’s hike of the debt ceiling to $8.9 trillion. At the time, Obama called raising the debt limit “a sign of leadership failure.” Out on the campaign trail in July 2008, he suggested the move was downright un-American.

“The problem is that the way Bush has done it in the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion from the first 42 presidents. No. 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome. So we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man woman and child. That’s irresponsible, that’s unpatriotic,” he said.

In April 2011, during the heat of the debt ceiling debate with Congress, Obama expressed regret for his 2006 stance, which he said was delivered from “the vantage point of a senator versus the vantage point of a president.”

Obama is one of the most unpatriotic leaders we’ve ever had, the debt notwithstanding. If all goes well, he’ll be whining from the vantage point of the sidelines after the 2012 election.

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