CAIR Hosts Fellow Terrorists

Last week’s festivities at CAIR headquarters in Washington, D.C. included a little get-together with a couple of renouned slugs:

At CAIR’s reception, Muslim community leaders met with Palestinian Chief Justice Tayseer Al-Tamimi and Palestinian Minister of Religious Affairs Jamal M. Bawatna, who are both visiting the Washington, D.C., area as guests of the United States Government.

Some words of witicism from al Tamimi, the late Yasser Arafat’s personal friend:

“Islam is escalating and cannot be resisted. I pray that Allah may tear apart America just as the Soviet Union was torn apart.”

“The Jews are destined to be persecuted, humiliated, and tortured forever, and it is a Muslim duty to see to it that they reap their due. No petty arguments must be allowed to divide us. Where Hitler failed, we must succeed.”

Not only is CAIR, a known terrorist front, operating carte blanche within the United States, but two radical Palestinian thugs were in attendence, with the permission of the government?

Jesustapdancingchrist. Isn’t the State Department paying attention? I sure as hell hope these Islamic subversives are being wiretapped, monitored, and intelligence-gathered. 

CAIR’s members are already under scrutiny and some of their members have been indicted and convicted for funding Hamas.


If there’s no reason for their ‘visit’, other than rubbing elbows and exchanging ideas for more terrorist attacks, national security is even more fucked than previously thought. 

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