Cenk Uygur Fired From MSNBC for Being ‘Too Tough’ on Obama and Not Being Insane Enough, but Mostly for Being ‘Too Tough’ on Obama

First Keith Olbermann, and now this. His ratings, like most of the other leftwingnut talking heads at MSNBC, were in the toilet anyway.

According to Cenk, his numbers at MSNBC were good but the management expressed other concerns. Or perhaps the more accurate way to say it is, the management relayed the concerns of others.

This comes in two parts. I’m going to highlight the details that seem significant, but feel free to listen to the whole thing. First, Cenk describes being called in by Phil Griffin, the head of MSNBC. People “in Washington” have a problem with his tone.

Now at this point, it’s not clear what the issue is. MSNBC’’s Phil Griffin has heard from “people in Washington” and they’ve asked him to tone it down. Are these people complaining about the show conservatives or progressives? It’s not clear. But if you jump over to this account of the same story in the NY Times, it’s a bit clearer:

“In April, he said, Mr. Griffin “called me into his office and said that he’d been talking to people in Washington, and that they did not like my tone.” He said he guessed Mr. Griffin was referring to White House officials, though he had no evidence for the assertion. He also said that Mr. Griffin said the channel was part of the “establishment,” and “that you need to act like it.”

Little Cenky’s hopes and dreams of squashing Fox News went unrequited. Uygur is a certified moonbat and dyed-in-the-wool leftwingnut.  NewsBusters has a compilation of Uygur’s rants starting HERE.

For awhile, at least, he fit right in at MSNBC. Not to worry, he’ll probably end up on Current TV in a time slot not far from Olbermann.

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