Probe of Hacking Scandal Goes Beyond NoTW, Which Means the Left Will Lose Interest

The hacking scandal isn’t limited to the News of the World tabloid.

A British police investigation into illegal activity by journalists appears to have expanded beyond Rupert Murdoch’s disgraced and now defunct News of the World tabloid.

The Metropolitan Police have asked the British Information Commissioner’s Office for its files from a probe into the work of a private investigator who sold illegally obtained information to a number of newspapers, the data-protection office told CNN Thursday.

The papers named in the Information Commissioner’s 2006 report include the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and News of the World.

The report, which covers the actions of a private investigator up to 2003, does not deal with phone hacking, but with “blagging,” the term British journalists use for illegal impersonation to get private information.

A police spokesman declined to say what lines of inquiry the Met was pursuing as it pursues allegations of illegal eavesdropping and police bribery by journalists.

The scandal over phone-hacking by News of the World led the paper to cease publication on July 10. It also prompted two top police officers to resign and has put pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron, who hired a former editor of the paper to be his spokesman.

Police added 15 more officers to the investigation, boosting the existing team to 60, the officer in charge of the case said Wednesday.

If the story shifts from the Left’s object of hatred, so will their attention.

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