Chrissy Matthews: West Point is ‘Enemy Camp’ With ‘Rabble’

Chris (‘Obama gives me a thrill up my leg’) Matthews regurgitates more unfiltered stupidness.


Matthews: I didn’t see much excitement. But among the older people there, I saw, if not resentment, skepticism.  I didn’t see a lot of warmth in that crowd out there. The president chose to address tonight and I thought it was interesting. He went to maybe the enemy camp tonight to make his case. I mean, that’s where Paul Wolfowitz used to write speeches for, back in the old Bush days.  That’s where he went to rabble rouse the “we’re going to democratize the world” campaign back in ’02. So, I thought it was a strange venue.”

The best thing about putting a microphone under the piehole of nutters like Matthews, is that everyone is witness to the mixture of haughty contempt and idiocy on the part of anti-military MSM commentators.

The United States Army is sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Obama, a corrupt Chicago-grown “community organizing” socialist, has trashed the country and Constitution from the day he entered the Oval Office.   Maybe that’s why the Cadets weren’t as enthusiastic as Chrissy would have liked.

It’s not hard to see why ratfucks like Matthews and Obama would be intimidated by the courage and character of those who do what they cannot.

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