Classic: President Trump Trolls the ‘Womens March’ Banshees.



Previous ‘women’s marches’ included an organizer who is a convicted muzzie terrorist, George Soros-backed organizations, and a black radical thug  who was part of a gang that kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Thomas Vigliarolo, a 60-year-old real estate broker.

It’s a veritable collection of unhinged, wailing, smutty, mentally deficient shrews.


If you want respect, don’t dress up like vaginas in public.


The struggle is real…especially for your pants.


Role model for Father of the Year



Aren’t they cute?

MSNBC hack Joe Scarborough, made his contribution with a cringe worthy anthem for the occasion.

And of course, the contingent of Hollywood moonbats  showed up to vent their spleens all over the protest.

What a freak show. Don’t expect any future marches to get any better.

Facts like this don’t get recognized by the contingent of pussy-hatted squalling she-asses:





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