Comey Still Has Selective Amnesia, Continues to Lie Under Oath

“The last thing that 38,000 dedicated professional men and women of the FBI , honest men and women of the FBI, need is Jim Comey using them as a shield for his misconduct and his bad acts while he was briefly director of the FBI. He’s been a big disappointment and he has made the job of every street FBI agent harder because of his statements and his obvious partisanship…..”He’ll go down as the person that did the most damage to the FBI in its 120 year history”.

—Chris Swecker, Served 24 years as FBI Special Agent, former FBI assistant director


Just The News

When history looks back decades from now, fired FBI Director James Comey’s latest testimony before the Senate may be remembered, remarkably, not for what he knew but, rather, what he claimed he didn’t know.

Time and again on Wednesday under the intense glare of the political spotlight, Comey claimed he had been kept in the dark or did not remember anything about essential developments in the Russia collusion probe that implied President Trump’s innocence.

“That doesn’t ring any bells with me,” Comey answered when Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham asked about a September 2016 referral to the FBI alleging Hillary Clinton and her campaign may have concocted the whole Russia collusion case against Trump to hide her own vulnerabilities.

Similarly, Comey testified he either did not remember or was not told there were serious problems with the Christopher Steele dossier, that the dossier contained Russia disinformation, that Steele’s primary sub-source had disputed information in the explosive document or that the primary sub-source had previously been judged to be a possible Russian asset back between 2009 and 2011.

All those essential facts were kept from the FISA court, and Comey signed three FISA warrant applications approving surveillance targeting the Trump campaign and former adviser Carter Page without disclosing the flaws in the case.

Senators reacted with incredulity.

“Comey said he didnt kno abt problems w Page FISA b4 he approved again+again,” Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), one of the chamber’s longest serving members, tweeted in shorthand. “If true wheres his outrage that agents made him look foolish by w/holding details? I often tell new agency heads either u run agency or agency runs u Who ran FBI during Russiagate+Where is accountability?” 

Grassley repeatedly slammed Comey’s “no clue” answers as outrageous. Similarly, Graham repeatedly challenged Comey’s account, calling one of his answers “far-fetched.”

“A bunch of crap to be used against an American citizen,” Graham said, referring to now-disproven information in the Page FISA. “You don’t recall this?”

“It doesn’t sound familiar,” Comey answered.

Lawmakers weren’t the only ones in disbelief.

Former senior executives of the FBI told Just the News that Comey’s testimony laid bare an institution in deep distress that either was keeping its director in the dark about one of the most explosive political cases of all time or engaging in a coverup of epic investigative misconduct that deceived the FISA court and the Congress.

“‘I don’t recall’ is the last defense of someone who has been painted into a corner. If Comey was truly this ignorant of arguably the most consequential case in FBI history, then he was pathetically inept,” said Kevin Brock, the former assistant director for intelligence under Comey’s predecessor as director, Robert Mueller. 


Comey  lied about spying on Trump Tower.

He covered up for Hillary’s crimes.

He was part and parcel of Obama’s abuse of FISA and the conspiracy to undermine the election and overthrow a duly elected president though false accusations and sedition.

Comey’s crimes are well documented and prosecution is long overdue. Whether or not the DOJ will bring the hammer down on this son of a bitch remains to be seen.

Along with Obama and 99.9% of his regime, he belongs in prison.


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