Congress Continues Hearings on Benghazi, IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups, and NSA Abuse of Domestic Surveillance

In spite of the media obsession with Obama’s racial demagoguery, real corruption and crime needs to be addressed.

Congressional Hearing on the Oversight of the Administration’s use of FISA Authorities,17 July, 2013

Ignoring all the hell being raised about the NSA’s overreach, a secret court has extended the blanket phone surveillance for another three months. The mutherfuckers just don’t get it.

Congressional Hearing on the IRS’ Systematic Delay and Scrutiny of Tea Party Applications, 18 July 2013.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on Benghazi, 18 July 2013.

Congressman Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) Benghazi questions.

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1 thought on “Congress Continues Hearings on Benghazi, IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups, and NSA Abuse of Domestic Surveillance”

  1. The Democrat Party is the vanguard of Communism. The Republican Party is a strawman to the Communist side. Republicans are there to take fault for everything while the real take over continues behind the scandals. Notice how when the Republicans somehow get into power they are no different than the Democrats? Is anyone really losing the ability to keep their level of income over this? They take care of each other while we get screwed more.

    This stuff serves two purposes.

    From time to time, things get so bad that it does come out. Or someone on the inside finally develops: a) ethics b) cajones. These hearings are just performance art to placate and entertain the stupid masses while they cover their asses. Nothing real will come of it. The monster is too big, too entrenched.

    The second purpose? It provides a diversion from the power brokers taking over the country from us. What laws do get passed from this stuff will only give the USeless F(ocking)ederal Govt more power to surveil us and destroy more of our rights. They will put cutesy little names on the Acts that sound like one thing but treat us, Holder’s foreign government, more like animals penned up for the slaughter truck.

    We are held hostage by the Obamanation in Washington and the little Obamabots that roam our country. Notice how the deflections work so well! Obama claims to have the interests of our little brown brothers to the south while he uses Holder to send more illegally acquired guns to Mexico to kill their children. Obama claims to be all-so-understanding supporter of Muslims, while he commits war crimes killing Muslim women and children in foreign Muslim nations with remote controlled drones.

    And the stupid masses rally for Trayvon, at their master’s bidding. The Obamabots, walking lobotomized drones, continue their terrorism here in the US across the country. I weep that Obama really was not Trayvon.

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