COVID Hysteria Debunked: Facts and Sources

Hat Tip: Thuletide

Total narrative collapse inbound
(Stolen from this Twitter thread:

  1. COVID killed by sunlight
  2. No direct evidence of airborne spread
  3. Surface spread very rare
  4. Asymptomatic spread low
  5. Masks ineffective
  6. Lockdowns don’t work
  7. Herd immunity real
  8. Miniscule risk to children
  9. Survival rate 99.97%+

“When researchers at the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center exposed SARS-CoV-2 in simulated saliva to artificial sunlight (equivalent to a sunny day), 90% of viruses were inactivated within seven minutes.”

“The present study is the first to demonstrate that UVB levels representative of natural sunlight rapidly inactivate SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces”…

“[The CDC] has reversed an update made to its coronavirus guidance that stated COVID-19 is an airborne virus. The health agency said that update, posted to its website… was made in error.” (It later said it was “possible.”)

“There is absolutely no evidence that this disease is airborne”…

“[The CDC] just released a new scientific brief that says your risk of contracting COVID-19 from a surface is about 1 in 10,000. That means, on average, you have a 0.01% chance of actually picking up the virus from, say, touching a counter.”

“[A] meta-analysis of 54 studies with 77,758 total participants… found that secondary attack rates were higher for symptomatic people than asymptomatic people — an 18% rate for symptomatic people and a 0.7% rate for asymptomatic people.”

“We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community.”
Analysis of COVID mask data.

“Researchers in Denmark reported… that surgical masks did not protect the wearers against infection with the coronavirus in a large randomized clinical trial.”

“Recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, incident SARS-CoV-2 infection compared with no mask recommendation.”

The top 10 states in case rates over the past 7 days all still have mask mandates


“In the first 20 days after implementing mask mandates, new cases slowed by 0.5 percentage points… COVID-19 death rates dropped by 0.7 percentage points…”
Thus, not even a 1% difference in one CDC study.

“A study evaluating COVID-19 responses around the world found that mandatory lockdown orders early in the pandemic may not provide significantly more benefits to slowing the spread of the disease than other voluntary measures”…

“We do not question the role of all public health interventions, or of coordinated communications about the epidemic, but we fail to find an additional benefit of stay-at-home orders and business closures.”

“188 countries that have declared at least one case, only those counting a minimum of 10 deaths due to Covid-19 were included… Stringency of the measures settled to fight pandemia, including lockdown, did not appear to be linked with death rate.”

“[Tel Aviv researchers] found no statistical correlation between the severity of a lockdown and the number of Covid-19 fatalities in the country.”

“We in the [WHO] do not advocate lockdowns… The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

“During the study period, states allowed restaurants to reopen for on-premises dining in 3,076 (97.9%) U.S. counties. Changes in daily COVID-19 case & death growth rates were not statistically significant”…

“Fauci has been saying that the country needs to vaccinate 70% to 85% of the population to reach herd immunity from Covid-19. But he inexplicably ignores natural immunity. If you account for previous infections, herd immunity is likely close at hand.”

“Experts believe that if no other measures are taken, herd immunity could kick in when between 50% and 70% of a population gains immunity via vaccination… the number most people are looking at (for herd immunity) is about 60-65%.”

The CDC reports that 251 patients under 17 years old have died with COVID since the pandemic began.

There are 74.2 million Americans under 18. That is a survival rate for that age demographic of about 99.9997%. The survival rate for 18-29 is about 99.997%.


The average age of COVID death is 78.6 years old. The average age of life expectancy for those patients was 78.6 years old. Overall survival rate 99.97%.

“CDC data also show that Americans, regardless of age group, are far more likely to die of something other than COVID-19.”



This country was shut down over a virus with a 99% recovery rate.

FYI: Fauci has some serious ethical issues.  He also made the fatuous claim that HIV/AIDS would explode in the heterosexual population.

Get rid of him and put someone in his place that has a brain.

26 million Americans are now unemployed.  People lost their jobs, homes, livelihoods, and businesses because of this induced panic. The economic impact will take years to overcome.

The lockdowns caused thousands of deaths due to people not receiving the treatment they needed for heart problems, cancer, dementia, etc.
The coronavirus will come and go. But the government will never forget how easy it was to take control of your life; to control every event, restaurant, sports facility, classroom, church, and even if you are allowed to leave your house.

The politicized COVIDIOCY  is not about public health and safety, it’s about power and control.

The numbers of fatalities are deliberately inflated and the millions of recoveries are never discussed.

When this round of paranoia is finally over, don’t be surprised when the government comes up with another “variant” or “strain” to fill your life with abject terror.  Instead of using common sense, people are being frightened into submission and programmed to lash out at anyone who won’t live in fear.

They’re totally unhinged.

Remember that if the government tries to pull another manufactured crisis.

1 thought on “COVID Hysteria Debunked: Facts and Sources”

  1. John D. Egbert

    Read in a news blog at the time – late Sep/early Oct 2020 – of a CDC report (released late on a Friday afternoon) that stated that, at that time within the United States, the total number of fatalities FROM the ChiComBug (CCB) since the official start of the “pandemic” was 2,980. Further, the report stated that reported fatalities where CCB was a contributing factor had been overstated by 80-85 percent. I would bet dollars to donuts that the same rates apply today.

    In true 1984 fashion, that report and all references to it were immediately sent down the memory hole and didn’t survive the weekend.

    For comparison purposes, bear in mind that the survival rate – overall – for the CCB hovers around 99 percent; for the common cold it is 83 percent. One wonders why Rhinovirus in all of its 425 strains is not considered a pandemic.

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