Dean of Students at Chicago School Brags About Passing Out Sex Toys, Discussing Queer Sex (UPDATED)

Grooming 101. SICK.




Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago teamed up with school administrators throughout the Chicago area, to promote radical gender theory, “kink,” “BDSM,” and “trans-friendly” sex toys for children.

Dean of Students Joseph Bruno brags about handing out dildos, butt plugs, and lube to students while teaching them about queer sex. He also brought in a drag queen to perform for students.


The school is defending this pervert:


They want to saturate the curriculum with adult sex. Reading , writing , and arithmetic, are secondary. Pushing porn on kids started during the Obama regime. His “Safe Schools Czar”, Kevin Jennings, created an entire curriculum based on gay adult sex acts for grade school kids.

Child molestation, exploitation, and exposing kids to porn is illegal. Showing kids graphic sex, whether it’s straight or gay, in the classroom or their school library is against the law. It’s child abuse. Period.  It’s child abuse and educational institutions often aid in the abuse. They’re predatory pedophiles.

This sick shit has to stop.  The perverts who project their adult sex fantasies on kids are committing a crime and need to be thrown under the prison.

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