Dems Complain to Schumer Over Failure to Get Senate Majority

NY Post

Frustrated Democrats are venting to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over the party’s failure to retake the majority in the November elections.

Schumer (D-NY) was on the receiving end of an extended gripe-fest in two conference calls over the disappointing results in which the Democrats picked up only one seat when Joe Biden won the presidency and many in the party were bullish on reclaiming control of the chamber, The Hill newspaper reported.

Republicans now narrowly control the chamber 50-48, with two run-off races taking place in Georgia on Jan. 5.

Schumer presided over two calls in which his fellow Democratic senators wondered why their candidates didn’t win races in Iowa, Maine, Montana and North Carolina — where they thought their candidates could oust GOP incumbents, according to The Hill.

So many irked Dems asked to speak that Schumer, the senior senator from New York, scheduled a rare Sunday conference call to give them a second chance to express their displeasure, the report said.

Part of the discussion centered on Democrats getting more competitive in GOP-leaning rural states.

Some Democrats questioned lackluster strategy and messaging.

……The Democrats picked up just one seat.


It can’t be the unhinged wackjobs in your party or the violet goons they support.  It’s gotta be “lackluster strategy and messaging”.  That’s why President Trump got elected in 2016.

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