Dems Vent Their Spleens Over Getting Kicked Off Committees


Omar, Schiff and Swalwell were kicked to the curb.

Ilhan Omar’s dismissal was met with the usual chorus of “racism!” from liberals.




Laura Ingraham

The party that presided over the weaponization of government agencies from the FBI to the EPA is suddenly crying foul? And why? Because their committee position was actually put to a vote. How dare they be held accountable for their own toxic words and abysmal record? Well naturally, their dog-eared scripts about racism and misogyny came in handy.

Now, talk about a double standard. When Republicans lose committee assignments, it’s tough luck. When Democrats lose them and are put up to an actual vote, no less, it’s Armageddon. But let’s be blunt here. Omar lost her position on the Foreign Affairs Committee not because she’s a Muslim or wears a headscarf. She lost it because over the years, she’s made a series of antisemitic comments. She wasn’t treated unfairly. The newly elected House decided that they didn’t want someone with her views involved in the oversight of U.S. foreign policy. She’s free to serve on other committees, but she should not serve in this particular role, given her radical and antisemitic history. Yeah, I know she’s made some apologies, but apparently they weren’t convincing.

If Democrats want to make this an issue, well, they can try, but the notion that she was discriminated against because of her race or religious background is laughable. We don’t need to run through her old clips. We’re all sick of hearing her and hearing them. The notion that the party of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have any leg to stand on to complain about any of this is absurd.

They packed the January 6 committee with toadies and two Trump-hating Republicans, and they kicked Marjorie Taylor Greene off all committees because they didn’t like her views. At the time, we warned Democrats they were setting a precedent that would come back to bite them, but they didn’t listen. The GOP, though, was not doing this in a tit-for-tat moment, kicking Schiff and Swalwell off their Intel Committee or Omar off her Foreign Affairs Committee. No — Republicans, by doing that, were being pragmatic.



Ilhan Omar is  a terrorist supporter who also committed immigration and marriage fraud with her own brother and received asylum under a false name. The U.S. should send her ass back to Somalia.

Adam Schiff should be charged with the illegal subpoena of phone records, lying to Congress about the “whistleblower” and abuse of powerSchiff met with a Chinese Communist Party official previously responsible for spearheading the regime’s foreign influence operations on a visit to Washington, D.C. sponsored by the China-United States Exchange Foundation. He has lengthy connections to corrupt socialist billionaire George Soros.  He fabricated the transcript of a 2019 phone call between former President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s president, and doctored text messages between Mark Meadows and Rep. Jim Jordan.  He lied repeatedly to promote the Trump-Russia “collusion” hoax, and was a member of the unconstitutional  6 Jan ‘committee’.

Eric Swalwell thinks the government will ‘nuke’ gun owners who refuse to hand over their firearms. The ChiCom spy he slept with raised funds for his 2014 reelection and helped place an intern in his office, according to Axios.

Political revenge is a dish best served cold:

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is about to get booted from his committee assignments, including the coveted House Intelligence Committee. He’s acting like this is a total surprise under a Republican majority. I would say that he’s just playing a role, but I’m not sure—Swally is just as mentally defective as Biden, except for the screwing around with Chinese hookers part. The California liberal is one of many insufferable Democrats to get clipped of their influence, and it was needed. Post-2016, no explanation other than ‘we don’t like you very much’ will suffice—and that’s fine. The Democrats were the ones who set a precedent by stripping Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) from their committee assignments for hurting the Democrats’ feelings. Also, these two were some of the most conservative members of Congress—the Left doesn’t like them.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary. We have the same animosity and hatred of Nancy Pelosi, the Squad, Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, and the rest of this left-wing circus. The only difference is that the Left has hated Republicans more than we hate them. That’s been a uniting force that the GOP has failed to capitalize on to the maximum. Swalwell has been a serial liar and peddler of the Russian collusion hoax that engulfed the liberal media into an ignominious goose chase to ensnare Donald Trump in some legal trouble; treason was the prize, though any impeachable offense would do.

……Political vengeance isn’t a pejorative term here, Eric. It’s what we wantIt’s what’s deserved for you and the rest of the gang who tried to usurp a duly elected president. Your actions were meant to undo the results of the 2016 election. There’s a word for that: coup. You were part of a left-wing cabal that galvanized the media into war against the Trump presidency and weaponized the Department of Justice and the intelligence community to hamstring the incoming administration.

There is nothing wrong with politically motivated vengeance; the dish just needs to be served ice cold.

Getting kicked to the curb is not enough. All three should be indicted.

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  1. John D. Egbert

    Don’t know how to spell schadenfreude (and don’t want to take time to look it up), but it sure – and deliciously – applies the the LSDs getting a taste of their own medicine.

    I was really worried about McCarthy as dSpeaker, judging by his past performance(s), but to date he’s exceeding expectations. Let’s all hope and pray that he continues . . .

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