Department of Homeland Stupidity: ‘We have no idea how many security risks have crossed the border’

From The Free Beacon.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials were stumped when asked by a congressional subcommittee to provide data on high-level threats that have slipped through the U.S. border.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R., Texas) asked DHS officials whether they had a percentage or exact figures on how many people labeled as potential risks have slipped through visa screenings.

The officials could not supply an accurate number to the subcommittee.

“I’m talking about people that are security risks. Surely you know that number,” Smith said. “I mean, we are talking about the safety of the American people here.”

The witnesses offered to submit data to the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security on how they are deporting high-risk targets.

The State Department has lost track of thousands of foreigners who entered the country on visas, then disappeared.

High risk threats such as ISIS have been planning to infiltrate the southern border for a while, and they’ve probably succeeded.

The exchange came as DHS announced that it will ramp up its overseas screening operations as a method of heading off attacks at home on Tuesday. The agency said it will add nine new pre-screening stations in 10 different countries. The officials said the agency has cargo screening stations in 60 ports in 32 countries.

These programs have increased security in American airports and shipping ports; now 36 percent of all travelers to the United States are prescreened, and 80 percent of maritime-cargo traffic is examined before entering port.

……The hearing came on the same day that Jeh Johnson, the current head of DHS, shook up the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) following reports that the agency failed to detect explosives in 95 percent of cases.

The TSA is comprised of incompetent thugs who cannot tell the difference between a non-threat and a bona fide terrorist. Since its  creation in 2002, the TSA has never stopped any terrorist  from actually boarding an American commercial aircraft.  But they utilize  x-ray scanners, metal detectors, pat-downs, sexual molestations, strip searches, and federal air marshals, to target Kinder Eggs, whistleblowers, thermoses, refusniks, white middle class Americans, elderly people, mentally retarded people, leukemia patients, children, and Soldiers.

……Bersin told the committee that the number of immigrants trying to cross the border and the amount of drug violence on the U.S. side of the border have decreased significantly.

“The level of relations with Mexico is unprecedented,” Bersin responded. “The way we engage with Mexico today is nothing like it was five or 10 years ago. It’s not easy to say when you are in the middle of the storm that we will survive this storm, but we have seen the violence eventually decrease in other areas along the border.”

‘Unprecedented’. Yeah, I’ll say. The fucking thugs in the Mexican government have repeatedly interfered with our immigration laws and their military has been crossing into Arizona and shooting at border agents.

They simply waltz right across our borders and no one stops them. Our country is being invaded by a horde of illegal alien vermin with terrorists mixed in for good measure. As a matter of fact, muzzie terrorists have been taking advantage of the gaping border for years.

The biggest risk to our national security is B. Hussein Obama, who violates the laws and the Constitution to aid and abet the incursion. He’s already released thousands of illegal aliens into the streets with felony records including theft, sexual assault, kidnapping and homicide.

Here’s how you stop high risk shitbags from crossing the border: Secure the border with a wall, (high and deep) supplemented with guard towers, high-powered rifles with scopes, night-vision equipment, roving patrols, tracking dogs, and motion sensors.  Increase the number of Border Patrol agents to equal the task of protecting the 1,989 miles between the U.S. and Mexico. Give the Border Patrol the weaponry they need to do their job. Have the Army Corps of Engineers on hand to seek and destroy the underground tunnels already in existence or currently being dug by South-of the Border criminals.

In a perfect world, we would have a leader like Eisenhower. His approach to illegals was swift and decisive.

Our borders leak like sieves, the State Department hands out visas like candy, and the DHS isn’t real good at monitoring who comes into the country or preventing those who shouldn’t.

We’re fucked.

2 thoughts on “Department of Homeland Stupidity: ‘We have no idea how many security risks have crossed the border’”

  1. Unfortunately, our immigration problems will never be solved by our government because they don’t want to solve them. Dems want the votes and RINO’s want cheap labor for their big money lobbyists. The ONLY way the border will ever be secure and illegal immigration will be reduced is if the PEOPLE do it themselves. It would be an easy fix for government if they wanted to. Mandate e-verify for all employment, public assistance, and housing. Prosecute law violators to the full extent of the law. Then 90% plus would self deport and few would even want to come here. Remove the magnets and they will leave and stop coming.

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