Obama: ‘My policies have restored respect for America’

Barky is seriously delusional.

From Breitbart.

Monday while Barack Obama was answering questions at a town hall with YSEALI Fellows, an exchange program for community leaders from ASEAN, The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, he said his administration has restored the Untied States as the “the most respected country on earth.”

Obama said, “People don’t remember, but when I came into office, the United States in world opinion ranked below China and just barely above Russia, and today once again, the United States is the most respected country on earth. Part of that I think is because of the work we did to reengage the world and say we want to work with you as partners with mutual interests and mutual respect. It was on that basis we were able to end two wars while still focusing on the very real threat of terrorism and try to work with our partners in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s the reason why we are moving in the direction to normalize relations with Cuba and the nuclear deal that we are trying to negotiate with Iran.”

The bad thing is he really believes his own fantasy.  At the core of all this, is the inescapable fact that Obama is and always has been a narcissistic sociopath.  He never takes responsibility for his own fuckups. It’s always someone else’s fault.

These are some of his ‘restoration’ efforts:

Damaging national security, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and allowing muzzie terrorists  to operate and form political groups in this country.

He got bitch-slapped by Vladimir Putin for the umpteenth time.

He insults Israel, the only real ally we have in the Middle East.

Obama is willing to overlook the last 55 years of Castro’s brutal dictatorship, and ‘normalize relations’ with the communist gulag.

His (and Hillary’s) depraved indifference toward the embassy staff in Benghazi.

The ISIS terrorist cell that Obama dismissed as “JV” has gone Varsity. Speaking of ISIS, some of the ‘Americans’ who joined their jihad, were allowed to return to the U.S.  Feel safer?

Obama proved what an abject shitbag he is by trading five of the worst Taliban thugs at GITMO for a deserter who also turned out to be a traitor. True to Dhimmi form, Obama defended this worthless coward as if he were some kind of hero. Bowe Bergdahl, the scumbag in question, converted to Islam, called himself a mujahid, and enjoyed the company of his Taliban pals until he was swapped. Bergdahl’s parents wrote love notes to the Taliban. The Taliban rejoiced.  Meanwhile, the six  Soldiers who sacrificed their lives on a mission to find the little ratfuck, get no recognition from Obama.

He literally destroyed everything we accomplished in Iraq.

He drew a “red line” in Syria, then did nothing when they crossed it.

He ignores threats from North Korea.

Iran laughs at him.

He kisses China’s ass.

He forced a dicked-up ROE on the troops in Afghanistan.

He made a fool of himself at the G8 summit.

He disrespects our British allies.

He denigrates the United States of America in front of the United Nations.

He insulted Poland.

In the face of all this, his Baghdad Bob spokes-tool insisted that his policies have “enhanced the world’s tranquility”. His domestic policies are just as disastrous.

He aids and abets illegal aliens.

He also had the gall to tell the YSEALI crowd that his critics say things about him that are “terribly unfair”.   He’s earned every bit of animosity he gets.

The minorities and white liberals who foisted this worthless mutherfucker into office deserve a lot of the credit.  Thanks to them, America’s world standing has taken a staggering hit.

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