Fed Up Seattle Police Chief Resigns

She’s tired of her department getting fucked over by the radical malfeasants at City Hall.

Fox News reports

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best resigned this week after the Mayor and the City Council voted to slash her department’s budget and lay-off roughly 100 officers as the region struggles to crackdown on crime and ongoing protests.

The council plan also takes officers off a team that removes homeless camps,” reports Fox News.

Dems refuse to condemn or take action against black radicals and white anarchists that rampage through their towns. Police departments have been eviscerated and literally told not to interfere with the thugs. Some of the destroyed cities have asked the Feds for bailouts to pay for the devastation by these animals. So far, the government has told them no. Every Dem-controlled town destroyed by the mobs they support and encourage should be left to rot.

A running tally of casualties of Antifa and BLM “protests”, HERE and HERE.


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