Feds Raid Woman’s Home Looking for Pelosi’s Laptop

Federal Bunglers Incorporated strikes again.

Daily Wire

Agents of the federal government raided an Alaska woman’s home and “boutique hotel and spa” last week looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, stolen during the January 6th riot at the United States Capitol, but the woman says it is a case of mistaken identity.

“Marilyn Hueper, who with her husband owns the Homer Inn & Spa in Homer, Alaska, said federal agents broke down the door of their home and confiscated laptop computers and a cellphone and handcuffed them and their guests during the search,” according to Fox News, quoting a local Anchorage, Alaska, paper.

Hueper said that the FBI conducted the search with the help of a Capitol police officer and that the agents “forensically audited” her husband’s cell phone. She also says that while agents claimed that no one answered when they knocked before entering her home, which doubles as a bed and breakfast, Hueper claims the search party never knocked.

“I think almost right off the bat, they said, ‘Well, you probably know why we’re here,’ or something like that. It’s like, yeah, no, not really. And they said, ‘Well, we’re here for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.’ And I said, ‘Oh,’” Hueper reportedly told a local radio station.

The agents then showed Hueper a photo of a woman they claimed was inside the United States Capitol and may have Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. The woman, Hueper said, looked “remarkably” like her, but told the agents that, while she attended the rally outside the U.S. Capitol building, she never went inside. Instead, she and her husband, who attended the rally “on a whim” were “lost, eating hot dogs at the other end of the Mall,” when the rioters entered the building.

……“I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. Is that her? That’s clearly not me. Why did you not show me this to start with?’” Hueper said in her interview.

……As The Daily Wire previously reported, Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, which staff said was “used only for presentations,” disappeared during the January 6th melee, is still reportedly missing, though a woman was arrested in connection with its theft back in January, just two weeks after the incident.


Government agencies have been weaponized against American citizens, and Dems designate the targets.

They raided Rudy Giuliani’s home for the offense of being President Trump’s lawyer and raising questions about what Joe and Hunter Biden were doing in Ukraine.  If the motherfuckers cared more about what Hunter Biden’s laptop contains, they would have a trove of crime evidence. The Feds don’t care about Biden’s laptop because it contains evidence of Biden family corruption which they don’t intend to prosecute anyway.

While the Fed jackboots go after patriots who peacefully protest government corruption and people who were targeted for “mistaken identity”, Antifa and BLM goons responsible for the destruction of businesses, police stations, and courthouses, have skated out of any legal consequences for their crimes.  The Feds refuse to prosecute.

The Dems have created a system of bullying and persecution of political opponents. This shit usually happens in Communist countries and Banana Republics.

Now it’s happening here.





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