Flashback: “Green Experiment” in Texas Town Results in Epic Fail

This is what happens when you put your faith in a liberal boondoggle.

Via Fox News

Former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday that the collapse of a renewable energy project in Texas proves the so-called “Green New Deal” cannot be scaled up to cover the rest of the nation.

As DeVore explains in a Fox News opinion piece, Georgetown, Texas — population 75,000 — was to be the new poster child of the green movement.

Last October, the city successfully applied for a $1 million grant from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s nonprofit, Bloomberg Philanthropies.

DeVore told Carlson the idea was to save money — “the Republican thing to do” — by switching the town to electricity from wind and solar power.

However, the effort to abandon affordable fossil fuels and switch to more costly renewable energy didn’t work.

“When you start to implement things that’s when things fall apart,” DeVore said. ” … The prices of natural gas went down because we found more of it, and the problem with wind power is that it’s mainly made at night and very expensive to store it. … During the daytime, they have to buy power off the grid.”

He said Georgetown residents lost about $30 million over four years, and the town’s citizens were receiving energy bills for an average of $600 more than neighboring towns.



The Republican thing to do is implement a common-sense approach when saving money, not waste it on schemes based in liberal stupidity.

During the Obama regime, taxpayers were on the hook for BILLIONS of dollars because of the failure of at least 34 “green energy” companies.

The whole “green, sustainability”  crap is nothing less than an abuse of power. It’s all about government control of energy resources.



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