Florida Judge Rejects Holder’s Attempt to Stop Purge of Illegals From Voter Rolls

Earlier this month, Eric Holder filed a lawsuit against Florida for cleaning up the voter fraud it the state.

Another blowagainst the corrupt DOJ:

Great news for those who desire fair and honest elections: the Orlando Sentinel reports that U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle has “rejected a request from the Obama Administration to put an immediate stop to [Florida’s] non-citizen voter purge program.”

The program in question involved 2600 challenge letters sent out to suspected illegitimate voters, whose registration information did not match up with other databases available to the state. Over 100 illegitimate voters have already been discovered, with at least 50 of them having committed the felony offense of voting illegally in previous elections.

Not all of the responses are in yet, since recipients of these letters were given 90 days to reply, plus another 90 days after that during which the state would make further efforts to get in touch with them, if no reply was received by the original deadline. Also, some Florida counties suspended operations at their discretion after the legality of the purge was challenged.

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