National Security Leaks About Drone Attacks Possibly Originated With Obama’s Security Advisor

From Fox News.

GOP senators are putting the pressure on Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special counsel to investigate whether the White House is responsible for national security leaks.

“The numerous national security leaks reportedly originating out of the executive branch in recent months have been stunning,” according to a copy of the letter to Holder, signed by more than 30 GOP senators and obtained by Fox News. “If there were ever a case requiring an outside special counsel with bipartisan acceptance and widespread public trust, this is it.”

Among the concerns about the leaks are recent news reports regarding the United States’ drone attacks in the Middle East.

Their letter points out the recent New York Times story about the drone program and its list of human targets states the reporting involved interviews with “three dozen of [President Obama’s] current and former advisers.”

It suggests that Thomas Donilon, the national security adviser, is a likely source, in part because he was frequently cited in David Sanger’s book “Confront and Conceal.”

“Mr. Donilon, in effect, is the hero of the book, as well as the commenter of record on events,” wrote reviewer Tom Ricks.

The administration has strongly denied the leaks have come from the executive office.

Obama knows the source of the drone leaks came from his own security advisors.  Any president with a sense of national security would bring the leaks to an abrupt halt and hold the big mouths responsible.

Obama, on the other hand, never misses an opportunity for self aggrandizement and political grandstanding.

The leaks he created did even more damage to national security. He saw fit to disclose operational secrets about getting Bin Laden, and as a result, the Paki doctor who served as an informant got thrown under the bus.  Gawd knows how many other informants are in danger and how many operations have been scuttled thanks to Obama’s need to masturbate his ego.


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